Maruti Suzuki Swift converted from base variant to top-spec ZXI variant [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Swift base to top Featured

The Maruti Suzuki hatchback Swift is the most popular hatchback in the country. Last month, it managed to achieve a sales figure of 17,559 units, and over the years, it has attained the top spot multiple times, and it still continues to hold it. Additionally, in these many years, we have seen almost every type of modification being done on this car. One of the most common things that people love to do with Swifts is buying the base LXI variant and spending a fraction of the top variant cost and equipping their car with all the features of the top variant.

The video of the conversion of one such base LXI Swift into a ZXI variant has been uploaded on YouTube by Musafir Aka Joshi. The video starts with the introduction of the shop where the modification is about to begin, and he also introduces the owner of the shop. Following this, he shows a few more cars that were being worked on in the shop, after which the presenter shows the blue-colored Swift LXI variant, which will be getting converted into a ZXI.

After showing the exterior and interior of the base LXI trim Swift, the presenter, along with the owner of the shop, moves inside the shop and shows another Swift being worked on. The presenter mentions that this car had come all the way from Himachal Pradesh and reveals that this particular car is getting the Swift Sport Kit. He then states that this is the VXI variant, which sits above the base LXI and top-end ZXI. The owner of the shop then adds that the car and the customers are their repeat clients, and they previously had changed the headlights of the car, and now they have arrived for the full Swift Sport kit.

The presenter then shows the front bumper of the Sport kit and mentions that this new kit comes with carbon fiber inlays, and the fitment is a lot better than previously available kits in the market. Moving on, he shows the car from the side where the side skirts were being fitted. He then shows the car from the rear and mentions that the taillamps have been replaced along with the bumper. He then also shows the interior of the car and mentions all the things that are about to be changed in this car.

Maruti Suzuki Swift converted from base variant to top-spec ZXI variant [Video]

Following this, the presenter then shows the blue-colored base variant car once again. The first thing he shows is that the car is getting a brand new wiring loom for the power window regulators. He mentions that they have to remove the door cards to do this job. Moving on, the presenter then once again shows the white car from inside the shop where the steering wheel of that car gets changed to a top-spec model’s steering. After this modification, the presenter goes back to the blue car and shows the finished job of power windows installation. He then shows that the doors have also been given some dampening material to reduce the road noise.

The presenter then showcases the new Android audio system installed in the car, along with the new LED headlights and projector fog lamps on the front. He also showcases the newly installed LED lights working in the night and then once again shows the finished interior of the car. He adds that they have also added the door cards from the top variant of the car along with all the window controls. On the exterior, he mentions that the wheels will be painted in black, and wheel covers will also be installed in the car.