Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift – Prices and Mileage Figures Leaked?

The Maruti Suzuki Swift Facelift is around the corner, and a brochure explaining the new bits on the car has hit the interweb, ahead of the hatchback’s actual market launch in India. In terms of new features, the bits that the Swift Facelift gains remain true to the pre-launch leaks.

Satin garnishes around the fog lamps, reverse parking sensors, new alloy wheels, a push button start, keyless entry, electrically retracting wing mirrors and a Bluetooth integrated stereo are the various gains that the Swift Facelift makes in terms of features and cosmetics. The facelifted car is likely to be at showrooms before October turns into November.

Although Maruti Suzuki has retained the mechanicals of the best selling B+ segment hatchback, both the petrol and turbo diesel engines have undergone tweaks to improve fuel efficiency. The petrol powered Swift now delivers an ARAI certified 20.4 Kmpl (upfrom 18.6 Kmpl) and the diesel powered Swift delivers an ARAI certified 25.2 Kmpl (up from 22.3 Kmpl).

The fuel efficiency figure of the Swift Diesel Facelift makes it the most fuel efficient B+ segment hatchback in the country, a factor that is bound to influence buying decisions. With that, Maruti Suzuki seems to have its fingers right on the pulse of mass market car buyers.

Prices of the facelifted Swift Petrol and Diesel models have reportedly leaked, and the indicative pricing reveals that the car is now slightly pricier than before. Ex-Showroom Delhi prices of the Swift Facelift are speculated to be as follows:

Petrol 1.2

  • LXi – 4.42 lakh rupees
  • LXi (O) – 4.49 lakh rupees
  • VXi – 5.08 lakh rupees
  • ZXi – 5.90 lakh rupees
Diesel 1.3
  • LDi  – 5.56 lakh rupees
  • VDi – 6.00 lakh rupees
  • ZDi – 6.95 lakh rupees

The petrol powered Swift uses a 1.2 liter-4 cylinder K-Series engine that outputs 86 Bhp-114 Nm while the diesel powered Swift makes do with a 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbocharged motor that makes 74 Bhp-190 Nm. A five speed manual transmission is standard across both engines and the much talked about 4 speed automatic gearbox making it to the petrol engine of the Swift Facelift seems resigned to mere speculation.

Pre-launch talk about the Swift Sport also remains hot air. With Maruti Suzuki focusing on delivering what the masses really want from their Swifts – fuel efficiency – as opposed to all out performance, a hotter version of the Swift remains firmly in the realm of imagination.

The Swift’s next generation version is in the works for a launch in 2017. Until then, the facelifted version is expected to keep the hatchback’s flag flying high. The current, and 2nd generation Swift was introduced in India during the second half of 2011 and all along, the car has been a best seller in the B+ hatchback segment.

Via Indianhoods and GaadiWaadi