Maruti Suzuki Swift Glory edition launched

Whether or not these ‘special’ editions make sense is a question that remains unanswered but carmakers continue to follow the trend. And Maruti Suzuki, not a stranger to launching slightly accessorised variants as special editions, has done so, once again. Called Maruti Suzuki Swift Glory Limited Edition, the vehicle gets a longer feature list, and a few cosmetic updates.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Glory edition launched

First things first, according to reports, the Swift Glory limited edition is available only in VXi and VDi trims. There are no mechanical changes made to the car, but it gets a body kit (bumper extensions, side skirts and spoiler), black C-pillar, and decals on the side, roof, and bonnet. It also gets a red paint scheme for the body kit, mirrors, and roof.

In terms of features, the Swift Glory gets reverse camera along with rear sensors. Black and red upholstery differentiates the car’s interior from the regular model, while the presence of in-dash music system complete with Bluetooth connectivity ensures the vehicle doesn’t seem too short-changed.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Glory edition launched

Short-changed, why, you must ask. Well, because, despite the special edition status, the car loses out on features like alloy wheels and climate control that the higher versions get.

Should you get one?

This one’s simple. While the prices aren’t out yet, if Maruti doesn’t charge a huge premium over the current VXi/VDi range, it makes sense. Not just do you get a few more features, it also means that your car is a bit more unique than the regular version.