Maruti Suzuki Swift modified with Lamborghini scissor doors

The modification scene in India has picked up the pace quite rapidly in the past few years. More and more people are now spending a good chunk of money on modifying their cars to make set them apart. The list of modifications includes customizing the exterior, interior, and even the performance of their cars. Painting, wrapping, and tuning are some of the most famous modifications that are being done by the automotive enthusiasts of the country. Recently a video of a modified Swift went viral on the internet and the reason for this Swift’s fame was the modification of Lamborghini doors.

The video of the modified Swift was uploaded by Anshu Batra on their YouTube channel. The video begins with some b-roll footage of the customized Maruti Suzuki Swift. After the shots, the recorder of the video tells that a lady stopped to check out the car after the recorder and the owner of the car came to that street for recording a vlog. They then ask the lady and a few other people on the street for their thoughts on the car to which they reply that the car is amazing. Following this the owner of the car then comes on the camera and showcases his car and tells about all the modifications that he has done.

The presenter starts at the front of the vehicle and then tells that he has got his car wrapped in a satin blue color and prior to this color the car was wrapped satin black. Then he squats down to show the fog lamps of the car to which he added 120 watts white LED bulbs and he also points to the gloss black aftermarket front splitter. He adds that the car also has graphics on the bonnet as well as the body as well. Although he does not point towards it in the video a set of illegal flashing lights on the front of the car can also be noted.

Maruti Suzuki Swift modified with Lamborghini scissor doors

Moving on to the sides, a set of custom alloy wheels can also be seen and the vlogger then tells that he has also added some tyre stickers which spell out “SYSTEM”. Following this he shows the biggest highlight of his car the Lamborghini scissor doors. These type of doors are generally seen in V12 flagship Lamborghini models. He shows the functioning of these doors as well. Moving on to rear side he shows the added custom graphics and then the after Mercedes Benz style LED taillamps. He also shows the modified bumper that looks like the forthcoming Swift Sports rear bumper. And he tells that he has also gotten a massive rear spoiler finished in gloss black.

Moving on the inside of the car, the presenter showcases his fully custom interior. He tells that the entire cabin has been modified and he has gone for the quilted diamond pattern on his roof and pillars in suede fabric. He also tells that he spent a fortune on a high audio setup for his car but the entire music system was stolen. Although he has now installed a new system. The new music system includes mid range twetters, pioneer head unit, Avatar mid range speakers on doors, four infinity ovals and 2 sub woofers. At the end he tells that for all the modifications he has paid around Rs 8 lakhs in total.

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