Tastefully modified Maruti Suzuki Swift with Porsche-inspired DRLs [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the most popular cars in the Indian market. The Swift is a popular car in the modification circle in India and since it has been more than a year since the all-new Swift was launched in the market, quite a few modified all-new Swift cars have started to appear too. Here is a video by WEIRD VLOGGER who shows a newly modified Maruti Suzuki Swift with tasteful changes.

The car seen in the video gets quite a few changes but it remains subtle and is not as loud. The car gets a new grille at the front, which is inspired by the Maruti Suzuki Swift Sport, a hot version of the Swift available in the international markets. The other changes in the car include an addition of a body kit that adds front splitter, rear splitter and side skirting in black colour. It makes the car look extremely good and adds an aggressive stance to the car.

Other than that, the Swift also gets aftermarket quad-exhaust set-up in the rear. The left-hand side twin exhausts are there for ornamental purpose while the exhausts on the right side do work. The hatchback also gets aftermarket projector headlamps at the front. The integrated DRL in the headlamps is quite interesting as they look quite similar to the new=age Porsche cars. Lower in the bumper, the modified Swift also gets projector foglamps that ensure maximum visibility at night and makes the car look good too. The Swift also gets aftermarket alloy wheels in all-black colour. Lastly, there is a huge gloss black coloured spoiler that is mounted to the roof of the car. It makes the car look very sporty and adds an aggressive stance to it.

The changes are not limited to the exteriors. On the inside, the panels of the dashboard and the steering wheel get a red wrap that matches the exterior paint job of the car. It also gets an aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system. The seats get faux leather cover in black and red colour. As per the video, there are no changes that have been done to the engine except for an aftermarket air filter. The aftermarket air filter and the aftermarket exhaust combination makes the car sound extremely good.

Tastefully modified Maruti Suzuki Swift with Porsche-inspired DRLs [Video]

The Maruti Suzuki Swift also gets a host of customisation options at the dealer level. Officially, Maruti Suzuki dealers offer iCreate customisation options by which you can add a different roof, body kit, alloy wheels, various interior customisation options and more. It should be noted that the vehicles with modifications can get their warranty void due to the use of aftermarket parts. Always ask the manufacturer or dealership before getting an electrical modification done to the car, if you want to keep the warranty intact.