Maruti Suzuki Swift Windsong Edition hatchback is a car in India that wears headphones

Maruti Suzuki Swift Windsong Edition is a car that wears headphones

Maruti Suzuki just facelifted the best selling Swift B+ segment hatchback a week ago and India’s leading automaker has already come up with a special edition version of the car. Dubbed the Windsong Edition, the Swift Facelift gets huge headphones on its show special version. However, the production version of this special edition Swift will not get the show special headphones.

Maruti Suzuki notes that only 100 units of the Swift Windsong Edition will be built, and the limited production run is meant to maintain a sense of exclusivity. The car will be displayed at multiple locations – Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi, which host the Windsong Music Festival. Details about availability and pricing of the Swift Windsong Edition are yet to be revealed.

Coming to the stylistic and detailing changes on the Swift Windsong Special Edition hatchback, the car gets the following features:

  • Body kit with side skirts
  • GT stripes on the bonnet
  • Contrast roof in black colour
  • Flank Decals
  • A yellow paint job for the alloy wheels

In terms of mechanicals, the Swift Windsong Edition will be based on the diesel powered version, albeit with no changes to the engine and transmission. The 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engine that outputs 74 Bhp-190 Nm will power the car while a 5 speed manual gearbox will handle the torque transmission function.

The Windsong Edition of the Swift is based on the facelifted model. Styling cues such as the satin fog lamp inserts and revised alloy wheels make it to the special edition model. In terms of features too, the Windsong Edition stands to gain from the additional set of features and creature comforts that Maruti Suzuki has added to the facelifted Swift hatchback.

The Swift Facelift is also sold with a 1.2 liter K-series petrol engine. Both the Swift Petrol and Diesel variants are now more fuel efficient than before. The facelifted cars are on sale currently and customer deliveries have already begun.