Maruti Suzuki to launch ten new cars by 2017

CarToq brings you the list of exciting cars Maruti Suzuki has planned for India in the next few years!

2014 launches

Next-generation A-Star code-named the YL7 (global Alto)

An Auto Expo 2014 unveil, the all-new global Alto (code-named the YL7), which will replace the Estilo in India, will be launched next year. Initially, a petrol engined version of the car will be sold here. The engine in question is likely to be the 1 liter K-Series unit. A tall-boy design and fuel conserving features are likely to be the high points of this car. The YL7 hatchback is likely to be positioned at the same price points as that of the now-discontinued Estilo and the A-Star.

YL1 sedan

Maruti Suzuki to launch ten new cars by 2017

The Maruti Suzuki YL1 sedan is based on the AuthenticS concept. The car could either replace the SX4 sedan or sell alongside it. A 1.4 liter K-Series petrol motor and a 1.3 liter Multijet turbo diesel engine will be on offer with manual gearbox options as standard. An automatic gearbox option could be offered with the petrol engined variants. Based on the Ertiga platform (modified Swift platform), the YL1 sedan will share a large amount of parts with the likes of the Swift and the Ertiga. Click here for a detailed report of the YL1 sedan.

SX4 Crossover

Maruti Suzuki to launch ten new cars by 2017

The new SX4 crossover, unveiled earlier this year at , is the production version of the S-Cross concept. The SX4 crossover will be the first of the three SUVs that Maruti Suzuki will launch over the next 3 years. The 4.3 meter long SX4 crossover will take on the likes of the Renault Duster and the Nissan Terrano in terms of price and positioning. The crossover features 1.6 liter petrol and turbo diesel engines internationally. Expect the same to be carried over in the India-spec version as well.


YRA Premium Hatchback (Hyundai i20 competitor)

Maruti Suzuki will launch a new hatchback, code-named the YRA, that will sit above the Swift in terms of price and positioning. The YRA hatchback will be aimed at the likes of the next-gen 2015 Hyundai i20 and the 2014 Honda Jazz. Both petrol and diesel engine options are likely to be offered with a manual gearbox as standard.

Petrol engined models of the YRA could get an automatic gearbox option. The diesel engine offered on the YRA will be based on the new range of diesel motors that’s currently being developed by Suzuki. Expect the YRA’s features and creature comforts to be a cut above the rest of the competition.

WagonR Diesel

Maruti Suzuki is developing 5 new turbo diesel engines with capacities ranging from 0.8 liters to 1.6 liters. Of these, the 1 liter turbo diesel motor will be used on the WagonR hatchback. Given the fact that the petrol, CNG and LPG variants of the WagonR are big sales drivers for Maruti Suzuki, a diesel engined model could further propel this practical hatchback. A high fuel efficiency figure of over 20 Kmpl is likely to be the biggest selling point of the WagonR Diesel.

YL7 Diesel Hatchback – (Based on A-Wind Concept)

Maruti Suzuki to launch ten new cars by 2017

Like the WagonR, the YL7 (Global Alto) that will replace the Estilo, will hop on to diesel power. The same 1 liter turbo diesel motor that will power the WagonR Diesel, will be used on the YL7 as well. The engine will be a 3 cylinder unit. The concept version of the car has already been showcased in the form of the A-Wind concept at the 2013 Bangkok International Motor Show.  Click here to read CarToq’s report about the A-Wind.

All-new Ritz

The current Ritz will be replaced by an all-new model by the end of this year. The all-new Ritz will use a turbo diesel engine from the new range of motors that Suzuki is developing. More features, revised styling and other such tweaks are what the all-new Ritz is likely to get through an all-new model. The positioning of the car is likely to remain unchanged.

2016 launches

iV4 Compact SUV (Grand Vitara replacement)

Maruti Suzuki to launch ten new cars by 2017

The Grand Vitara has bombed spectacularly in India. Reasons: A high price due to CBU import and  the lack of a turbo diesel engine under the hood. The iV4, a replacement to the Grand Vitara, is likely to be built in India. The SUV is also expected to be offered with a petrol and turbo diesel motor. Local assembly will also allow Maruti Suzuki to price it in the 15-20 lakh rupee bracket, tempting D-segment sedan owners.

XA-Alpha Compact SUV

Maruti Suzuki to launch ten new cars by 2017

The XA-Alpha compact SUV will be a direct rival of the Ford EcoSport, in terms of its size as well as the engine and gearbox options offered. The XA-Alpha is another Maruti Suzuki product that will feature the new range of turbo diesel engines that the automaker is developing. A 1.4 liter turbo diesel motor is likely to be shoe-horned into the XA-Alpha’s engine bay.


The Y9T mini pick up truck will see Maruti Suzuki entering the commercial vehicle space in India. A mini pick up truck that will compete with the Tata Aces and Mahindra Maxximos of this world, the Y9T will be powered by an 800 cc twin cylinder turbo diesel motor. If this engine can be refined to levels acceptable to passenger car buyers, the motor could be used to power the Maruti Alto 800.


All-new  Swift 

The all-new Swift will come in 2017. New design elements, features and creature comforts are a few of the changes that the new car is likely to show. Another certainty on the new Swift is that the new car will feature the new range of turbo diesel engines that Suzuki Motor Corporation is currently developing at Japan. That’s pretty much what we know about the new Swift currently.