Bio-Methane Gas Powered Maruti Brezza Showcased At Bharat Mobility Expo 2024

maruti brezza biomethane cbg featured

Maruti Suzuki has taken a significant step towards sustainable and eco-friendly mobility with the unveiling of the Biomethane-powered Maruti Brezza at the Bharat Mobility Show. The company, known for its commitment to green initiatives, showcased the Brezza CBG alongside the eVX electric SUV and the WagonR Flex Fuel.

Bio-Methane Gas Powered Maruti Brezza Showcased At Bharat Mobility Expo 2024

The Biomethane-powered Maruti Brezza is equipped with a 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder, K15C petrol engine generating 102 BHP and 137 Nm. When running on compressed biomethane, the power figures are 87 BHP and 121 Nm. Interestingly, the external appearance remains identical to the petrol version. The SUV features both a 45-litre petrol tank and an additional 55-litre tank for CNG/CBG.

Maruti Suzuki has yet to disclose the exact launch timeline for the Brezza CBG. The company continues its tradition of innovation, exploring alternative fuel options like Compressed Biogas (CBG). While electric powertrains are gaining prominence, Maruti Suzuki is determined to provide affordable and sustainable fuel alternatives.

The Maruti Brezza CBG is a testament to the potential of Compressed Biogas. With similar chemical properties to CNG, CBG requires minimal tweaks for vehicles already offering a CNG option. The engine remains the advanced K-series dual jet, dual VVT petrol, with power and torque outputs of 103.1 PS and 136.8 Nm when running on petrol. When operating on CNG, the engine delivers 87.8 PS and 121.5 Nm, with a remarkable mileage of 25.51 km/kg.

Bio-Methane Gas Powered Maruti Brezza Showcased At Bharat Mobility Expo 2024

The Bharat Mobility Expo showcased the Brezza CBG with no external updates, apart from informative stickering indicating the type of fuel used. The retail version will feature standard CBG stickering on the front and rear windshield. The equipment list will mirror that of the respective CNG variants.

To support the CNG powertrain, Maruti Suzuki has implemented specific tweaks. These include an intelligent injection system for optimal combustion, a re-tuned suspension to accommodate the gas tank’s weight, and advanced components to enhance the engine’s durability. Additional features such as a micro switch to turn off the engine during fuel filling, stainless steel pipes supporting the gas tank, and leak-proof materials contribute to a seamless and safe driving experience.

Compressed Biogas, derived from sources like cattle dung, agricultural residue, sewage treatment plant waste, municipal solid waste, and sugarcane press mud, offers numerous benefits. India, with its abundant livestock and agricultural resources, holds enormous potential for CBG. Besides cars, CBG has the versatility to replace CNG in various industrial and commercial sectors, contributing to a significant reduction in the country’s CNG import bill.

Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to sustainable and green initiatives shines through with the introduction of the Biomethane-powered Maruti Brezza, setting the stage for an eco-friendly and efficient future in the automotive landscape. Stay tuned for updates on the official launch date of the Brezza CBG as Maruti Suzuki continues to drive innovation in the Indian automotive market.

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