Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza with Rs 1 lakh modifications

Modification of India is not very easy and most modifications are deemed as illegal. However, there are still many who prefer to drive a vehicle that matches their personality and needs. Here is a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza petrol that now looks off-road ready with a slew of changes to its front-end.

The car here is owned by Born To Ride and he has shared the details of the modification in this video. The video shows the changes and additions done to the vehicle. To start with, the front stock bumper is now gone. A thick metal bumper made out of 3mm sheet now takes the place. Also, the same sheet also protects the radiator and the engine sump. Since the owner plans to take the car to treacherous terrains, this extra layer of protection will definitely help.

The person who has modified the vehicle says that he has not made any extra holes in the vehicle or the chassis to fit the new front-end. Instead, it is a bolt-on kit. The kit can be removed at any time and replaced with the stock bumper. In fact, there is not even welding done to the bumper.

The Brezza also gets a working snorkel. It gets a “Born to Ride” branding and is neatly mounted to the driver’s side. A snorkel will help the vehicle to go through deep water crossings easily. The stock wheels are now 18-inch wheels with thick wall tyre. Since the owner plans to go on the long-distance drives across India, the tyre shop suggested him to get something like this set-up for comfortable journeys.

Mechanical changes?

There is an aftermarket exhaust kit installed in the car that makes it sound sportier. The headliner is now all leather and gets diamond stitches too. Apart from these changes, the vehicle now has a wrap on it to change the colour. There are also additional decals that make it look different and unique. We are yet to see another Vitara Brezza with such a long list of changes. If you know one, please do share with us.

Are these changes legal?

Quite recently, the famous Isuzu D-Max V-Cross from Kerala with a massive 12-inch lift kit was seized by the cops. The Kerala MVD issued a hefty fine and asked the owner to reverse all the changes in the vehicle. The D-Max V-Cross now lives a stock life. In India, modifications are illegal and while most cops will ignore the changes, there are a few who can be difficult to shake off. According to the rules, the modifications done to this Brezza are illegal since the front bumper is now all metal. Also, there are mechanical alterations to install the snorkel.

Metal bullbars and bumpers are not legal on the public roads as they do not comply with pedestrian safety rules. Also, metal bullbars and bumpers reduce the crumple zone and when an accident occurs, the impact is not well-spread causing the occupants to get more injuries. Getting such metal bumpers a legal pass require a lot of work, especially the approval from RTO, which is not an easy task.