Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza painted in Mclaren’s stunning Volcano Yellow paint looks stunning [Video]

With new models arriving every other day, now the cars from just a few years ago seem a little outdated. However, if someone wishes to give their car a revamp in the age of ever-changing cars, they can choose to go for a repaint rather than spending a fortune on buying a completely new model. Recently, an owner of a first-generation Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza gave his car a complete makeover by painting it in British supercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive’s beautiful Volcano Yellow color.

The video of this transformation from blue to McLaren Volcano Yellow has been shared on YouTube by Brotomotiv on their channel. For those unaware, Brotomotiv is one of the most popular car repainting shops in the country and is located in Pune, Maharashtra. The shop is known for painting some of the most unique and exquisite-looking cars in India. The video starts with the owners of the shop introducing the car. They mention that the owner has come all the way from Gandhinagar, Gujarat, to their shop in Pune for this repainting job.

Following this, one of the owners of the shop states that the client came to them and told them that he is open to different options for the paint and would love to hear their suggestions. After this, they show the client multiple different shades and ask him for the spectrum of colors that he would love to have in his car. The owners of the shop mention that during the color selection process, a number of their clients ask for their suggestions, but they tell them that it is entirely their choice, and they should be the ones deciding since they will be the ones driving the car.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza painted in Mclaren’s stunning Volcano Yellow paint looks stunning [Video]

After the client selects the McLaren Automotive Volcano Yellow, the car then goes into the disassembly section of the shop, and the technicians start removing all the body parts from the car. One of the owners of the shop then states that a few of the parts in the car were damaged beyond repair, like the front and rear bumpers, headlights, and taillights, so they decided to replace all of the parts. The entire process of getting the new components fitted to the car is shown in the video. Find out which is the Most Value For Money Variant of the Maruti Brezza here!

Following this, the video shows the car getting completely stripped of its paint in some sections, and the process of dent removal is also shown. The car, after the denting process, gets a white-colored primer, and after this, it goes into the paint booth for the paint. The Volcano Yellow paint is then mixed up in the paint booth, and the base coat spraying process is also shown. The owner of the shop also mentions that the owner of the car decided to get all the claddings and other elements of the car painted in gloss black as well.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza painted in Mclaren’s stunning Volcano Yellow paint looks stunning [Video]

After the paint, the car then goes into the assembly area. After the full reassembly of the car, it gets re-sanded and polished to remove any orange peel and swirl marks that might have gone onto the paint. After this process, the car gets finished, and the fully finished car is then shown. In the finished car’s beauty shots, it can also be seen that the car gets a gloss black paint for the alloy wheels, and the disc brake calipers of the car are also finished in the same Volcano Yellow paint along with the Suzuki logo in the middle.