Maruti Suzuki vs Honda - Who Wins the Mileage and Performance Games?

Maruti Suzuki vs Honda – Who Wins the Mileage and Performance Games?

Snapshot – From 2013, Honda made a big comeback into the Indian car market on the back of diesel power. The 1.5 liter i-DTEC engine, with its reputation for efficiency, ensured that the fuel efficiency champion for years, Maruti Suzuki, was beaten hollow in the mileage department. Well, Maruti Suzuki is now in fightback mode.

India’s largest automaker has now reclaimed the top three spots in the fuel efficiency champion list in the country’s mass market car segments. With that, we’ll take a look at who among Maruti Suzuki and Honda win in the two key areas that can swing buying decisions – mileage and performance. 

Budget Hatchback Segment – Maruti Suzuki Celerio vs Honda Brio

Maruti Suzuki Celerio

The Honda Brio and the Maruti Suzuki Celerio go head to head in the affordable, budget hatchback segment, with these cars separated by a few ten thousand rupees. While the Brio may seem smaller than the Celerio, it’s big in term of interior space thanks to some smart packaging by Honda.

Honda Brio Modulo Edition

The Brio is powered by a larger 1.2 liter-4 cylinder petrol engine wih 87 Bhp-110 Nm, while the Celerio makes do with a 1 liter-3 cylinder K-Series petrol engine with 67 Bhp-90 Nm. This lets the Brio win the performance war with a 12.5 second 0-100 Kph run while the Celerio’s smaller engine sees it winning the fuel efficiency battle, with 23.1 Kmpl. The Celerio is also available with a diesel engine that delivers 27.62 Kmpl, and a CNG version. Clearly, for those who want fuel efficiency, the Maruti hatch is the one to pick.

Mileage – The Maruti Suzuki Celerio Petrol wins with 23.1 Kmpl. The Brio does 18.9 Kmpl.

Performance – Honda Brio with a 12.5 second 0-100 Kph run, while the Celerio completes this run in a much more leisurely 14.94 seconds.

Pricing – Maruti Suzuki Celerio (3.9-5.71 lakh rupees). The Brio finishes second best with prices ranging between 4.21-6.79 lalh rupees.

Market Vote – Maruti Celerio, with average monthly sales of over 5,000 units. The Brio only manages about 1,200 monthly units on an average.

Compact Sedan Segment – Maruti Suzuki Dzire vs Honda Amaze

2015 Maruti Suzuki Dzire Front Three Quarters

When the Honda Amaze made a debut in 2013, the car beat the best seller in its segment, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire. No, not in sales but in fuel efficiency. The Amaze Diesel’s 25.8 Kmpl figure was a country topping number in the diesel car class. In the petrol powered segment though, the Amaze finished second best to the Dzire, whose 19.1 Kmpl number did much better than the Amaze’s 18 Kmpl figure.

Honda Amaze 3

Now, the Dzire has upped the game further, with a 20.85 Kmpl mileage number for petrol, and 26.59 Kmpl for diesel. In outright performance though, the Amaze Diesel holds the aces, with the diesel managing a blazing 12.97 second 0-100 Kph sprint, with the petrol variant also turning out an impressive 13.27 seconds run. The Dzire petrol and diesel variants do this run in 12.8 seconds and 13.4 seconds respectively.

Mileage – Maruti Suzuki Dzire Petrol and Diesel

Performance – Honda Amaze

Pricing –

Market Vote – Maruti Dzire, with 17,000+ monthly units, while the Amaze does about 6,000 units on an average.

Compact MPV Segment – Maruti Suzuki Ertiga vs Honda Mobilio

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Limited Edition

The Maruti Suzuki and Honda battle drags onto the MPV segment. The Ertiga came into the market first in 2012, while the Mobilio followed in 2014. In terms of mileage, the Mobilio is a clear winner despite featuring more powerful engines. The petrol powered Mobilio delivers 17.3 Kmpl to the Ertiga’s 16.02 Kmpl, while the Mobilio Diesel does 24.2 Kmpl, to the Ertiga’s 20.77 Kmpl. The Mobilio is also the faster car among the two in petrol guise, with 0-100 Kph timing coming in 12 seconds while the Ertiga Petrol takes 12.4 seconds. The Mobilio Diesel is more relaxed with a 0-100 Kph with 14.5 seconds, while the Ertiga Diesel does the same in 14 seconds.

Honda Mobilio RS

Mileage – Honda Mobilio

Performance – Maruti Ertiga Diesel and Honda Mobilio Petrol

Pricing – Maruti Suzuki Ertiga (6 lakh rupees to 8.72 lakh rupees), while the Honda Mobilio is priced between 6.75 and 11.74 lakh rupees

Market Vote – Maruti Ertiga, with average sales of about 5,000 units, while the Honda Mobilio does around 2,000 units.

C-Segment Sedan Segment – Maruti Suzuki Ciaz vs Honda City

Honda City Mugen Edition

The Honda City is the undisputed champion in the C-Segment sedan class while the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is the automaker’s best selling offering in this segment. The City beats the Ciaz in terms of performance, while the Ciaz pulls things back in the mileage department. The City has big brand value too, while the Ciaz is a first timer in the market. In terms of outright performance, the Honda City petrol and diesel cars clock 0-100 Kph runs in 10.13 and 14.75 seconds. The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz petrol and diesels do the same run in 12.02 and 13.5 seconds respectively. In mileage, the Ciaz wins with a 26.25 Kmpl number for the diesel and 20.73 Kmpl for the petrol. The diesel and petrol City sedans do 26 Kmpl and 17.8 Kmpl respectively.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Front

Mileage – Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Performance – Honda City Petrol and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Diesel

Pricing – Maruti Suzuki Ciaz (7.17 lakh rupees-10.32 lakh rupees). The Honda City is second best with prices ranging between 7.53-11.84 lakh rupees.

Market Vote – Honda City, with monthly average sales of over 7,000 units. The Ciaz manages about 5,000 units a month.