Maruti Suzuki WagonR Classic Edition rendered digitally

Maruti Suzuki WagonR is the best selling car of April’21. Maruti Suzuki sold 18,656 units which is a very huge number. Well, here is a video that imagines the WagonR as a classic. Earlier, we have seen the Zen Classic from Maruti Suzuki which was a more retro classic version of Zen. While the manufacturer never repeated the same design language for any of their cars. An artist has uploaded a video on his YouTube channel which imagines the WagonR Classic.

The artist has redone the whole car entirely. At first glance, it does not resemble anything like the WagonR that we have seen on our Indian roads. It still boasts WagonR’s iconic tall boy design and some of the body panels but has been given an extensive makeover. The artist has not worked on the rear of the car. So, we can only see the front and the side profile of the WagonR. The artist calls this rendering the WagonR Classic Edition.

At the front, we can see that the upper part of the headlamps has been redesigned and is now more rectangular. The grille only has “Suzuki” written on it that too on the left side. It has very simple rectangular elements that resemble the old classic vehicles that we have seen in our childhood.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Classic Edition rendered digitally

The front bumper is also smoothened out but the air dam of the WagonR is still present as it is needed to feed fresh air to the engine. There is a very sleek chrome strip that divides the air dam and makes a surround around the rectangular fog lamps. The bonnet now also tapers more towards the headlamps because of the different design. An interesting thing to note is that the headlamps are using a clear lens whereas the fog lamps do not have a clear lens. The fog lamps are like we have seen on some old vehicles.

Then we come to the side profile of the vehicle. We can see the same simple character lines just like on the original WagonR. There are some prominent wheel arches and conventional door handles finished in body colour. There is also a black stripe on the C-pillar that divides the roof from the rest of the car. It gives a floating roof effect to the rendering of the WagonR Classic Edition. The most eye-catching element of the rendering is the white wall tyres. In whitewall tyres, a white strip or sometimes the whole sidewall of the tyre is covered in white colour. The centre hub gets a chrome circular piece that hides the wheel nuts.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Classic Edition rendered digitally

The hatchback is painted in two colours. The roof, the A-pillar and the outside rearview mirrors are finished in white colour while the rest of the car is finished in a unique green colour that we have seen on old Cadillacs. While some people still do not like the tall boy design of the WagonR. We think that the artist has done a good job of making a vehicle like WagonR look retro.