Maruti Suzuki WagonR limousine conversion costs just Rs. 2.3 lakh

Remember the pictures of the bizarre-looking WagonR limousine that became viral on the Internet earlier this year? A new video has surfaced talking about the same car. The car is from Pakistan and the video is with the owner and person who modified the vehicle. How did he do it? The details are in this video.

Mohammed Irfan Usman is the name of the owner of the car. He also owns a car garage and a workshop in Pakistan. Usman says that this is his dream project and he did all the work by himself. He converted the vehicle by sourcing parts and worked on the vehicle in his workshop.

Usman is not new to automobiles. He has been in this field for more than 35 years. His first workshop opened in 1977 and after he got an opportunity in Saudi Arabia, he moved there to work. He worked there for more than three decades and then came back to his come city in Pakistan.

The idea of limousines has been around in his head for a long time now. But due to the work pressure and working hours in Saudi Arabia, he could not take up the project. He did try to work on it while he was in the Gulf nation. However, he just could not find enough time to spare.

After his return to Pakistan, Usam decided to keep working and opened a new workshop. That is when he found enough time to work on his dream project. Before starting work on it, Usman did proper research. He wanted a WangonR that is unique. He made the car so different that there is only one of its kind in the world.

WagonR is imported

Maruti Suzuki WagonR limousine conversion costs just Rs. 2.3 lakh

Usman imported the WagonR in 2018. It was a 2015 model. On paper, it seems like an easy job but it did take a lot of time. Usman explains that he left the front and the rear of the vehicle as is. To extend the length of the vehicle, he chopped the vehicle from the middle.

Then he used a new section to join the front and the rear axles and parts of the body. For the project, Usman imported parts like extra doors, roof metal, pillars and seats. The total cost of the project is about PKR 5 lakh, which translates roughly into INR 2.3 lakh. The took three months to complete the job.

Usman added an extra 3 feet and 7 inches to the original length of the vehicle. The final outcome of the limousine is a long 14.5 feet car. It has six doors and is designed to carry around 6 people at a time. Usman claims that the extended version of the car can handle 500 kg of weight without any signs of stress. There are no other changes in the car. The engine is also stock and it gets an automatic transmission.

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