Maruti Suzuki YRA B+ Segment hatchback could use the Ciaz platform

Weeks ago, spyshots of a new Suzuki hatchback surfaced onto the interweb. The large hatchback, which is believed to be the upcoming Maruti Suzuki YRA B+ segmenter could actually be based on the Ciaz platform. Maruti Suzuki has just launched the Ciaz C-Segment sedan to a rapturous response in the Indian car market. The Ciaz is known at the Alivio in China.

Maruti Suzuki YRA B+ Segment Hatchback Speculative Render Image
A speculative, frontal render of the Maruti Suzuki YRA B+ Segment Hatchback


The Ciaz uses the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga’s platform, which is in turn a tweaked version of the Swift platform. In this light, the YRA hatchback utilizing the Ciaz/Ertiga platform doesn’t seem one bit surprising. The YRA, due to make an Indian debut late next year, will sit above the Swift B+ segment hatchback in terms of price and positioning. The car will be Maruti Suzuki’s most expensive hatchback offering.

In India, the 2016 Maruti Suzuki YRA hatchback will take on premium offerings such as the Hyundai i20 Elite, the Volkswagen Polo GT twins, the Punto EVO 90 HP and the upcoming Honda Jazz B+ segment hatchbacks. Automotive image manipulator Theophilus Chin, has conjured up two renders of the upcoming Suzuki YRA hatchback, basing the renders on the Ciaz/Alivio.

Maruti Suzuki YRA B+ Segment Hatchback Speculative Render Photo
A speculative render of the Maruti Suzuki YRA B+ Segment Hatchback's rear


The Ciaz C-Segment sedan has already captured the imagination of car buyers in India, who have been raving about the space the car offers on its insides. While the Ciaz/Ertiga platform based YRA hatchback is likely to use a much shorter wheelbase to fit into a sub-4 meter length limit for a lower rate of excise, the car could be much more spacious than the Swift given the former’s higher positioning in terms of pricing.

The Ciaz sedan borrows its engines and gearboxes from the Ertiga MPV, and a similar scene may pan out with the YRA Premium hatchback as well. In due course of time, Suzuki’s homegrown turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines are expected t0 make the cut into the YRA’s engine bay. Until that happens, the K-Series petrol and Fiat Multijet diesel are expected to be staples on the YRA as well.