Maruti Suzuki YRA Premium B+ Segment Hatchback Car in CarToq's Render

Maruti Suzuki YRA Premium B+ Segment Hatchback in CarToq’s Render

Maruti Suzuki will launch a new premium hatchback next year. Code-named the YRA, the new Maruti Suzuki hatchback will sit above the Swift, as a competitor to the likes of the Hyundai i20 Elite and the Volkswagen Polo GT TDI and TSI models. CarToq has put together a speculative render of the YRA hatchback based on the recently surfaced spyshots of the car.

Maruti Suzuki YRA B+ Segment Premium Hatchback Speculative Render Photo
CarToq's speculative render of the 2015 Maruti Suzuki YRA Hatchback

The YRA clearly seems to be inspired by the Swift’s exterior design. The car will be larger than the Swift in terms of exterior dimensions, making for roomier innards. A long wheelbase design, like the one the Ciaz sedan features, will give the YRA hatchback’s passengers plenty of space. The long wheelbase notwithstanding, the car is expected to be a sub-4 meter offering.

Given the YRA hatchback’s sub-4 meter positioning, petrol and diesel engines of the car are expected to confirm to the 1.2 liter and 1.5 liter caps respectively. The 1.2 liter K-Series petrol and the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engines are likely to make it to the car, along with manual and automatic gearbox options.

With the Ciaz, Maruti Suzuki has demonstrated that it can pack in a host of features and creature comforts, with an attractive price tag to boot. A similar tactic is likely to be followed on the YRA hatchback, which will take on well loaded competitors such as the i20 Elite and the Polo GT twins.

The YRA will be the most expensive hatchback that Maruti Suzuki has ever sold in India. Testing of the car on Indian roads has already begun with a slew of YRA related parts imported into the country. A high level of localization will be a given, with significant research and development inputs from both Suzuki and Maruti Suzuki.