Maruti Suzuki YRA Premium Hatchback – Interiors come into focus

There has been a steady stream of leaks around the Maruti Suzuki YRA B+ segment hatchback, due to make a debut in India during 2015. The latest set of spyshots of the car showcase its interiors. From the looks of it, the YRA hatchback features a dashboard design that is similar to the one found on other Maruti Suzuki cars, albeit with a tweaked center console. Features such as airbags, automatic climate control, a factory fitted stereo and cruise control make it to the YRA, with the last feature being a first for a hatchback with the Maruti Suzuki badge on the bonnet.

A new detail emerging about the YRA from the interior spyshots is that the car will feature an automatic transmission on the petrol powered option, which will also get a manual gearbox as standard fare.The diesel engined model, as is the case with most B+ segment premium hatchbacks sold in India, will make do with a manual transmission. The diesel engine of the YRA is likely to be the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet unit for a start, with Maruti Suzuki adding a new turbo diesel motor going forward from Suzuki’s range of small capacity diesel engines that are currently under development at Japan.

CarToq’s Exclusive Render of the Maruti Suzuki YRA Hatchback 

The petrol engine on the YRA is touted to be a 1 liter-3 cylinder turbo petrol unit. However, no confirmation on this engine has come from official sources, leading us to lean on the 1.2 liter-4 cylinder K-Series petrol motor. To be priced and positioned above the Swift hatchback, the larger YRA has a major task at hand, of that of unseating the Hyundai i20 Elite as India’s best selling premium hatchback. For that, the YRA will need a boat load of equipment and sharp pricing. Will Maruti Suzuki’s big bet for the premium hatchback segment work? 2015 holds the answer.

Maruti Suzuki YRA B+ Segment Hatchback Spyshots

Spyshots courtesy MotorOctane