Maruti Suzuki YTB premium sub-4m SUV spotted testing

In the recent past, we have heard a lot about Maruti Suzuki developing another sub-four-meter compact SUV, which will be a separate offering apart from the all-new Brezza. Throwing some light on the confirmation on this thing, a mystery sub-compact SUV was recently spied with heavily camouflage around Maruti Suzuki’s production facility in Gurgaon by GaadiWaadi. Reports suggest that it is the same crossover-ish sub-compact SUV from Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Suzuki YTB premium sub-4m SUV spotted testing

Codenamed YTB by Maruti Suzuki for the time being, this new sub-compact SUV ditches the traditional upright stance of Brezza and adapts a more coupe-like design, especially towards the rear. The spy pictures of the heavily camouflaged version of the SUV indicate that it will have a dramatic-looking rear end, much like those of the Toyota Yaris Cross sold overseas. Even the sloping roofline, rakish rear windscreen and edges and layout of the tail lamps look heavily inspired by those of the Yaris Cross.

Might be developed with Toyota

Maruti Suzuki YTB premium sub-4m SUV spotted testing

Now, it indicates a possibility that Maruti Suzuki and Toyota are working on an SUV which will be heavily inspired by the Toyota Yaris Cross sold in other global markets. However, considering that the Yaris Cross is not a sub-four-meter SUV in actuality, this new SUV might not be a Yaris Cross completely. Like the Baleno and the upcoming Grand Vitara, this new SUV will be sold through both Maruti Suzuki and Toyota dealer outlets with significant changes to the exterior.

Maruti Suzuki YTB premium sub-4m SUV spotted testing

About the new sub-compact SUV, it is expected to be a coupe-like crossover SUV, which will be based on Maruti Suzuki’s Heartect platform, and not the Global-C platform on which the new Brezza and S-Cross are based. This new SUV will be modern from every angle and in every bit and will be packed with contemporary features to attract new-generation buyers. Expect to see features like a head-up display, sunroof, ventilated front seats, wireless charger and a host of connected features in this new SUV.

In all likelihood, this new upcoming sub-compact SUV from Maruti Suzuki will share its 1.5-litre four-cylinder naturally-aspirated K15C Dualjet petrol engine with the Brezza. Expected to be available with both 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic, this new engine produces 103 PS of power and 136.8 Nm of torque. In addition to this new engine, the new sub-compact SUV might also get the new full-hybrid powertrain with the Atkinson cycle petrol engine from the upcoming Grand Vitara.

Expect this new SUV to be available through the NEXA chain of outlets, which means that it will be positioned as a more premium offering over the Brezza and will be positioned below the Grand Vitara.

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