Maruti Suzuki Zen modification looks extremely CLASSY

Maruti Suzuki Zen is an iconic car. The Zen started an all-new premium hatchback segment in India and became a cult car. Even though towards the end of the lifecycle of the Zen brand, the not-so-successful Zen Estilo was launched in the market, there are many enthusiasts all through India who own the original Zen and keep it drool-worthy condition. Here is one such Maruti Suzuki Zen that looks extremely interesting and gets some tasteful modifications.

The Zen became even more popular when the enthusiasts got to know how fun-to-drive the hatchback is. There are many of these Zen hatchbacks in mint condition with the enthusiasts while many others have tastefully modified it. This Maruti Suzuki Zen here is a modified example that truly looks classy and has the right amount of bling in it to turn the heads on the roads. The video has been uploaded on Githin Ninan VLOG.

The vehicle seen here gets a number of modifications. To start with the car gets a front bumper splitter. The headlamps are stock but they get an aftermarket bulb that can change colours. It sure reduces the visibility of the roads though. The stock foglamps have been replaced with an all-LED set-up. The most eye-catchy thing about this Zen is the paint job. It gets an elegant green shade that adds pure class to the car. The roof, however, gets a black wrapping that adds the dual-tone shade to the vehicle. There is also a roof carrier with a top box that adds a menacing look to the car while increases its luggage capacity.

The window frames on both the sides have been blacked out that adds a sporty look to the car. Also, there is no chrome on the car. At the rear, there are no changes. Instead, a cycle carrying rack has been added to the tailgate, which adds a very loud look. The alloy wheels of the Zen have also been upgraded now it gets wide profile tyres and the width of the tyres is more than the width of the body. There are underbody lamps installed on the Zen and the night shots of the vehicle show just how beautiful it looks while moving on the roads after the dark.


It is not the exteriors of the car but the interiors have also received quite a few changes. The short peep of the interiors shows that there is now ambient lights on the inside. It seems like a few minor changes have been done to the dashboard and the seats of the car too. It is not clear if any changes have been done to the engine of the car.