Man converts his 1998 model Maruti Zen into bed [Video]

We always tend to have a special connection with our first possessions. Owning an automobile is a milestone for any individual and therefore it could be near too impossible to give it up. It could very well be possible that you’re one of the lucky few who own their first vehicle now and can use it whenever you want.

Letting go of this special vehicle can be extremely challenging because of the emotional attachment. Here’s a video about one such individual who didn’t want to let go of his old Maruti Zen and channelled his emotions to turn into his bed shared on T-BHP.

The video was uploaded by Grease Monkey on its youtube channel. The principal reason for this epic design adaption was the fact that the owner could not drive his 1998 Zen model in Delhi NCR legally. As per law, you cannot drive a petrol car which is over 15 years old since its manufactured date. Usually, car owners must dump the car as selling off the car to a person in some other state is quite a task.

The owner went way beyond anyone’s imagination and decided to keep it as his bed instead of getting rid of it. Even though he will not be able to drive it, it would continue to remain an integral part of his day-to-day life.

To execute the vision of converting the car into a bed, the 1998 Zen was lifted using jacks and the entire hood was removed. Post that, the dashboard, steering wheel, electric wires, and the fuel tank was removed. Following this, the engine was removed from the Zen.

Once the engine was removed, the roof was taken off, including the A, B and C pillars. This helped make enough room in the car to make it a comfortable bed. Since the car was extremely old, the chassis had to be repaired and the entire car got a new white paint job.

The seats were replaced with steady frames for the bed. The corners and edges of the car were smoothened out to make it more comfortable. They also made storage space under the board. The owner goes on to describe his plans of installing a Bluetooth speaker in the engine bay, LED headlamps and tail lamps to give it a more original look.

With the scrappage policy insight, this can be a great way to keep your vehicle with you. Even though the government has asked the manufacturers to offer a 5% discount on new cars to people who scrap their vehicles, it is currently in the planning stage and there is likely to be a lot of talks between the government and the manufacturers before the final draft comes into effect.

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