Maruti Suzuki’s doorstep service: This video explains how it works

Maruti Suzuki, the largest car manufacturer in India also boasts of the largest network of the dealerships and service centres through the country. While Maruti Suzuki is the preferred choice by the customers because of their strong service networks, the brand also serves the customers at their doorsteps. India is the seventh largest country in the world and even with the largest service network, it is difficult to serve the customers staying in the interior parts of the country. The solution? Well, Maruti Suzuki offers doorstep services and this video here shows how exactly they provide the service to the customers.

The video by SVP shows how GIG Motors, Aizwal provides doorstep services and explains the whole process. While the video only shows the service by GIG Motors, it should be noted that all the dealerships providing doorstep services operates in the same way.

At the start, the customer can be seen dialling up the customer service number and booking his doorstep service. The service team arrives at the location and asks the customer if he wants to stay at the location. The customer replies that he wants to leave the vehicle with the service centre specialists while he goes for some important work.

The doorstep service team uses a specially modified mini-truck that carries all the equipment required for the service. To power the equipment on the site, a small generator is used to produce electricity. As per the official poster on the door of the service van, they provide up to 24 facilities during the doorstep service. The list includes spare parts rack and cabinets, aluminium checked floor, portable toolbox, vacuum cleaner, waste oil disposer, oil pan for waste oil collection, air compressor, generator set, control panel, water tank, washing pump, pneumatic pump, general tools, brake bleeder, tyre pressure gauge, job card holder, first aid box, S.S tray, High pressure air line, hydraulic scissor lift, dual acting power pack, hydraulic jack and wheel balancer. All these services can be provided to the customer at the doorstep at a nominal fee. The customer does not even need to leave the home.

Maruti Suzuki Service Doorstep

The doorstep service team also carries the hydraulic scissor lift, which can be used to easily lift up the vehicle at any spot and inspect the underbody carefully. Also, the can be washed at the site itself. It is extremely convenient for the people who fail to find out time to get their vehicles serviced. Skipping a scheduled service or delaying it can turn out to be bad for the car and the warranty of the vehicle can be voided too. The service is available for all the Maruti Suzuki cars in India.