Maruti Swift 1.2 tastefully modified with cosmetic and performance enhancements [Video]

Tuning a turbocharged car involves optimizing various aspects of the vehicle to extract more power from the turbocharged engine. This can be achieved by upgrading the turbocharger itself, increasing boost pressure, improving airflow with larger intercoolers and intake systems, and enhancing fuel delivery through upgraded injectors and fuel pumps. Tuning turbocharged cars is a very common practice, but many owners of naturally aspirated (NA) cars wonder if it’s worth tuning their cars. So, to address this question, we can look at a specific example, such as this cleanly modified naturally aspirated Maruti Suzuki Swift with a stage 2 tune. Here is a video showcasing the results of a tuned NA car in India.

The video of this fully modified and tuned Maruti Suzuki has been shared on YouTube by The Drivers Hub on their channel. It starts off with the presenter giving a brief walkaround of the Swift. He states that the owner of this particular car, apart from the performance mods, has absolutely nailed it with the exterior modifications. He begins with the body kit of the car and states that the owner has gone with a Swift Sport body kit, which includes a front bumper, side skirts, and a rear bumper. He adds that the headlamps have also been smoked.

Following this, the presenter shows the side profile of the car and mentions that it is equipped with 17-inch Lenso-Jager alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin Primacy tyres. He also mentions that the car has been fitted with lowering springs from Cobra. He then shows the rear end of the car and mentions that it has also been equipped with Mini Cooper inspired Union Jack taillights. He also showcases the carbon-dipped rear diffuser and twin Borla exhaust tips.

Maruti Swift 1.2 tastefully modified with cosmetic and performance enhancements [Video]

After this, the presenter moves to the front of the hatchback and opens the bonnet to reveal the modifications done on the engine of this hatchback. He starts off by stating that the car has a full custom header and custom exhaust worth Rs 40,000 from Venom Performance. It also has a BMC air filter worth Rs 8,000, as well as a stage Venom Performance tune worth Rs 28,000. The video also mentions that the wheels and tires combo cost the owner an additional Rs 1,20,000, and the Cobra lowering springs cost him around Rs 25,000. The Swift Sport body kit cost Rs 35,000, and the taillights cost an additional Rs 12,000. The presenter adds that the owner has also done an audio upgrade costing Rs 60,000. The total build cost came to around Rs 3,28,000.

Maruti Swift 1.2 tastefully modified with cosmetic and performance enhancements [Video]

Now, coming to the main point of the video, is it worth tuning a naturally aspirated car? The presenter starts off by stating that it is not always about the highest horsepower or torque. He states that the real joy of driving a modified car is when it has usable power. He mentions that this Swift feels like a go-kart and is very nimble and fun to drive. He states that it offers very usable power and can be driven around city roads without needing much room, unlike high horsepower cars. Moving on, the presenter also mentions that the tune just helps in bringing out the peppiness from the naturally aspirated engines. In the end, the presenter concludes that it makes all the sense in the world to tune naturally aspirated cars if you are an automotive enthusiast.

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