Skillful Maruti Swift driver at high speed saves a careless biker [Video]

Driving on Indian roads is dangerous and we have featured several stories in the past that prove the same. One must always drive with caution especially if you are driving on highways. You never know what would come in front of your vehicle. We have seen videos where bikers have narrowly escaped from crashing into cattle, other vehicles and even people on the road. Here we have one such video where a Swift driver miraculously saves a biker who suddenly came in front of the car on a highway.

The video has been uploaded by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shares a CCTV footage which was shared to him by one of his subscribers. The video is actually a recorded footage from a CCTV installed on a highway. In this video, a biker can be seen in front of a shop. The rider is sitting on the motorcycle and as seen in the video there are not many vehicles on the road. The biker for some reason decides to go to the other side of the road.

He simply starts the motorcycle and without even looking for vehicles starts moving to the other side of the road blindly. As soon as he rides to the other side of the road, he notices a Maruti Swift coming towards him. He tries to steer the motorcycle away from the speeding car but, it was already late. The Maruti Swift driver was also not expecting to see a motorcycle rider in front of him on an empty highway. He didn’t have much time to decelerate and gradually apply the brakes. He aplied the brakes hard and steered the car away from the biker.

Skillful Maruti Swift driver at high speed saves a careless biker [Video]

Luckily, the car missed the biker by a very small margin. It was only the Swift driver’s presence of mind that saved the biker. If you notice the video clearly, the biker rider does not have a riding helmet or any other riding gear. If the Swift had hit the biker, then there is no doubt that the biker would have been seriously damaged. The car driver applied the brakes and avoided the biker. In this process, he completely lost the control on the car and it spun 360 degree on the road and stopped on the other side of the road. Lucky for the car driver, there was no vehicle coming from the opposite side.

All of this happened in seconds and it looks like the biker was also not able to believe what just happened. The footage shows that the biker is parking his motorcycle to the side of the road. It however does not show the car driver reacted after the incident. In this case, the biker was clearly at fault. He did not look for other vehicles on the road before joining the road. We would say that both biker and occupants on the car were extremely lucky to not get hurt. The chances of biker getting seriously injured and the car getting damaged badly were very high. The car driver was also driving at high speed which is again not a right thing to do while you are on an empty road.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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