Maruti Swift Dzire owner fined by cops for not wearing helmet [Video]

Police department across the country have started using various methods to makes things easier for them as well as public. One such thing is digitalization. They have installed CCTV cameras to monitor traffic violations and track down the violator. These cameras monitor the traffic on the road 24×7 and if any road user is seen violating traffic rules, the department simply generates a challan online and sends it to the number or the address of the vehicle owner. This system is however not accurate all the time. There have been times where the system has generated wrong challans. Here we have one such incident from Kerala where traffic police has fined a car driver for not wearing a helmet while driving.

The video has been uploaded by Manorama News on their YouTube channel. Ther report talks about Maruti Swift Dzire owner who received a message of a challan on his registered mobile number. The owner Sajeev Kumar who is a teacher by profession had received a message from the traffic police couple o days ago. The challan was for an offence which was done back in May this year. Sajeev is from Kollam district and the offence for which he received was from Kollam only. The fine amount is Rs 500 but, that is not the main reason why this challan video has become viral on the internet.

The challan document which is available online mentions the offence charged on the owner. The offence is written as driving a motorcycle without a riding helmet. Sajeev can be heard saying in the video that he does not own a two-wheeler and he only has a car. Sajeev even mentions in the video that he does not even know how to ride a motorcycle. The challan document clearly mentions that the challan was for his Maruti Swift Dzire car but, the offence listed on the document is for a two-wheeler. Kerala Traffic Police department has responded to this incident and said that, it could have been an issue in the system that has listed wrong offence for the violation.

Maruti Swift Dzire owner fined by cops for not wearing helmet [Video]


This is not the first time wrong challan have been issued. Earlier this year, cops had wrongfully issued challan to a car owner for not wearing a helmet. In that case, the challan was actually meant for a motorcycle but, due to the mix up of the registration number, the challan was sent to a Maruti Alto car owner with images of the two wheeler on it. In the recent case, it is not clear whether Sajeev Kumar has actually violated any traffic rules or not. The reports does not mention anything about Sajeev Kumar planning to pay the fine amount. It looks like the department does not even have a clear image of the car from the spot where it violated the rule. it is not clear whether Sajeev will be filing an official complaint with the Motor Vehicles Department to look into this matter and get the issue rectified. It is probably an error that was caused by the system while entering the details into the system.