Maruti Swift Dzire vs Hyundai i20 comparison

This would seem like a comparison of apples to oranges, as one is a premium hatchback and the other is an entry-level sedan. But the fact is, both the cars compete in the same price segment with the Maruti Dzire, in fact, being cheaper than the Hyundai i20 variant for variant.

Does it makes sense then to choose a Maruti Dzire over a Hyundai i20 – because you are getting a sedan at premium hatchback pricing? Well, not really. Here is how the two compare. Also read: Maruti Swift vs Hyundai i20

Where Swift Dzire is better than i20

Maruti Swift Dzire vs Hyundai i20 comparison


The biggest attraction of the Maruti Swift Dzire over the Hyundai i20 is the pricing of the Dzire. Buyers looking at premium hatchbacks are tempted to move into a perceived segment above – that of a sedan, with the Maruti Dzire. The prices of the Maruti Dzire start at Rs. 4.91 lakh for the base petrol LXI, going up to Rs. 7.37 lakh for the top-end Maruti Dzire ZDI diesel variant. The car has a total of seven variants (not including the two Dzire Tour variants), four in petrol including an automatic and three in diesel.

The Hyundai i20 on the other hand is priced at a significant premium, especially for the diesel. The i20 comes in a staggering 12 variants – seven of which are petrol and five diesel, with a host of features to choose from. Prices for the Hyundai i20 start at Rs. 4.75 lakh going up to Rs. 7.78 lakh, with the top-end diesel priced at Rs. 7.57 lakh. See prices

Fuel efficiency

The Hyundai i20 petrol and the Maruti Swift Dzire petrol both come with similar capacity 1.2 litre petrol engines, with the rated fuel efficiency also being close – 18.5 kmpl for the Hyundai i20 and 18.6 kmpl for the Maruti Dzire. However, among diesels the 1.3 litre diesel engine of the Dzire has a higher claimed fuel efficiency of 23.4 kmpl compared to 21.9 kmpl for the Hyundai i20 diesel.

Maintenance costs

The Hyundai i20 has an imported diesel engine and transmission, which drives up spares costs significantly. The Maruti Dzire on the other hand has more localized content for its petrol and diesel engines. Maruti also boasts of a larger service network, which means access to service stations is far easier than with Hyundai, although in terms of quality of service Hyundai and Maruti are both really good.



Where i20 is better than the Dzire

Maruti Swift Dzire vs Hyundai i20 comparison


The Hyundai i20 is loaded with features and it has something in each variant for every kind of buyer. The top-end i20 for instance has a reverse camera and parking sensors, push-button ignition and power folding mirrors – features you won’t find in the Dzire. Both cars come with climate control, ABS and airbags in their top-end variants, but it is the i20 that offers more.

Seating space

The Hyundai i20 has slightly more interior passenger space compared to the Maruti Dzire. The Dzire makes good use of beige upholstery to give it a feeling of airiness, but the i20 has more legroom and shoulder-room compared to the Dzire. In terms of boot space the i20 has 295 litres of luggage room, while the Dzire has 316 litres of space. Still, the i20 is more flexible as it has a 60:40 split fold rear seat allowing you to carry more luggage when you need to, unlike the Dzire. Also see: Dzire cheaper to own than i20 petrol

Where both are comparable

Performance and handling

The Hyundai i20 petrol and Maruti Dzire both have 1.2 litre engines. The Dzire churns out 86 bhp, while the i20 puts out 84 bhp. The Maruti Dzire petrol appears to have better initial pick up, which makes it great for city traffic. However, when it comes to diesels the Hyundai i20 has a 1.4 litre engine that puts out 89 bhp of power compared to the 1.3 litre diesel in the Dzire that puts out 74 bhp of power. Yet, the Dzire has better initial pick up (and slightly lower turbo lag) than the Hyundai i20 diesel, which makes it more drivable in the city. Out on the highway, the i20 with its six-speed manual transmission in the diesel is a better cruiser. Also read: Pros and cons of Hyundai i20

In terms of steering effort the Dzire has a more precise steering compared to the i20 which has a super light steering – something that some drivers hate, while some actually like. The Dzire has a stiffer suspension set up, which aids it a bit in handling, while the i20 tends to pitch a little at speed.