Maruti Swift hatchbacks modified with Scissor doors look hot [Video]

Maruti Swift is one of those hatchbacks which is loved by youngsters and family buyers. It is a good looking car which returns a good fuel efficiency too. The older and the current generation Swift is a popular car in the modification circle and we have featured several videos and images of the same on our website too. Suzuki is currently testing the next-gen Swift and the same is expected to hit Indian market next year. Here we have a video where two Maruti Swift hatchbacks have been neatly modified with Lamborghini like scissor doors.

The video has been uploaded by HER GARAGE on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks to the owner of the workshop who did the modifications on these Swifts. Both Maruti Swifts are in Red colour but, they both have different type of modifications in them. Starting with the front, both cars get different type of body kits. One of them gets an Audi RS inspired body kit with a very wide front grille with black mesh. The next noticeable change are the headlamps. They are blacked out and it comes with aftermarket projector headlights with integrated LED DRLs. There is no sign of chrome on this hatchback.

The other Maruti Swift gets Swift Sport bidy kit with gloss black lower lip spoiler. There are fog lamps and LED DRLs on the new bumper. The first Swift is actually a project car and it runs on 20 inch wheels with low profile tyre. The second Swift gets all black alloy wheels that are smaller than the other car. The main attraction on both these cars are the doors. The workshop is importing the components for this modification from Dubai and in order to make both driver and co-passenger doors Lamborghini style, you would have to spend around Rs 60,000- 70,000. They also have an option for just one door which costs Rs 45,000.

Maruti Swift hatchbacks modified with Scissor doors look hot [Video]

Coming to the rear, the Maruti Swift with Audi style body kit gets Mini Cooper styled clear lens smoked aftermarket LED tail lamps while the other Swift gets Mercedes-Benz styled matrix LED tail lamps. The project car also gets performance mods under the hood. It is a stage 2 tuned hatchback which also gets a valvetronic exhaust. The owner claims that it is one of the fastest Swift hatchback in the country. The other Maruti Swift does not get any performance mods. Both the hatchbacks look clean with all the modifications in place.

The interior of both these car have been customised as well. Both cars gets hydro dipped panels on the dashbaord, steering wheel and the door The upper portion of the dashboard gets fabric wrap and there is an vertical Tesla style aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system. The fabric seat covers on the Swift were replaced with seat covers with extre soft cushioning. The roof liner has also been changed and it gets Rolls Royce like starlight roof. The workshop owner mentions that they have spent almost Rs 7-8 lakh on the stage 2 Swift and around Rs 3.5 lakh on the other one.