Maruti Swift to Hyundai Grand i10: Hatchbacks with the BIGGEST December discounts

Hatchbacks are the most selling vehicle category of our country. About 7-8 car in the the top 10 selling cars every month are hatchbacks. This is because they are affordable, easy to maintain, easy to park, and return a good fuel efficiency. While there are three sub-segments of the hatchback segment in India, all of them show good sales. If you were planning on buying a decent hatchback in December, here are 10 hatchbacks with most discounts being offered on them.

Hyundai Eon

Max Discount upto: Rs 65,000

hyundai eon

The Hyundai Eon was the most affordable car by the Korean manufacturer and now has been replaced by the Hyundai Santro. The company is giving out discounts upto Rs.  65,000 on the remainder stocks of the car in a bid to clear stock. The Maruti Suzuki Alto challenger is currently being given away with a huge cash discount of Rs. 50,000. Apart from this, there is an extra Rs. 10,000 off as exchange bonus and Rs. 5,000 off as corporate discount this December.


Maruti Alto 800

Max Discount upto: Rs. 60,000

Maruti Alto 800

Maruti’s entry level hatchback, the Alto 800 is getting some big discounts this December. The company is giving away the hatchback with discounts of up to Rs 60,000, which is a decent sum consider its start price of Rs. 2.52 lakhs. The discount includes Rs 30,000 as cash discount and Rs. 30,000 as exchange bonus if the exchanged car is less than 7 years old. However, if the exchanged car is more than 7 years old, the bonus drops down to Rs 20,000.

Maruti Alto K10

Max Discount upto: Rs. 65,000

New Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 India 2

Maruti Suzuki is currently offering the Alto K10 with discounts of up to Rs 65,000. The peppy little car gets Rs 25,000 off as cash discount for petrol variant, Rs 20,000 off for the CNG variant and Rs. 30,000 off for the AMT models. Talking of exchange offers, the AMT variants get a bonus of Rs 35,000 for cars less than 7 years old or Rs 25,000 if the exchanged vehicle is more than the age of seven. For the manual and CNG variants, the exchange bonus is valued at Rs 30,000. This goes down to Rs 20,000 for cars over the 7-year mark.

Maruti Wagon R

Max Discount upto: Rs. 80,000

2018 Maruti Wagonr Limited Edition

Maruti is offering the Wagon R with discounts of up to Rs 80,000. These discounts include a cash discount of up to Rs 40,000 for all petrol variants of the car which drops to Rs 35,000 for the CNG Wagon R. The AMT variants of the Wagon R get a bigger 45,000 cash discount. For cars under 7 years old bought in for exchange, Maruti offers an exchange bonus of Rs 35,000 for the AMT variants and Rs 30,000 for the manual/CNG versions. For exchanged cars that are over 7 years old, the discounts drop to Rs 25,000 for the AMT and Rs 20,000 for the manual versions.

Maruti Celerio

Max Discount upto: Rs. 65,000

The Maruti Celerio will soon receive a facelift to counter the competition from Tata Tiago and Hyundai Santro. It is being offered with big discounts of up to Rs 65,000 currently. This includes a maximum cash discount of Rs 30,000 for the petrol powered Celerio and Rs. 25,000 for the CNG powered Celerio. There is an exchange discount of Rs 25,000 on the petrol variant which drops to Rs 15,000 for the CNG variants. The AMT variants of the Celerio get a cash discount of Rs. 35,000. The exchange offer is valued at Rs. 30,000 for cars under 7 years in age, and Rs. 20,000 for the models which cross the 7 year age limit.

Hyundai Grand i10

Max Discount upto: Rs. 85,000

The Hyundai Grand i10 takes on the Maruti Swift in the market and is popular of its roomy interiors. Hyundai is offering up to Rs. 75,000 discount on the petrol variants of the Grand i10 which includes Rs. 50,000 cash discount, Rs. 20,000 exchange bonus and Rs. 5,000 corporate discount. The diesel variant of the Grand i10 gets Rs. 60,000 cash discount, which takes the total discount to up to Rs. 85,000.

Maruti Ignis

Max Discount upto: Rs. 77,000

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis is a tall boy design hatchback which is more stylish and feature laden than the WagonR. Like most of the other Maruti cars, it is also being offered with big discounts of up to Rs 77,000 this December. These discounts include a cash discount of Rs 40,000 for the manual transmission models and Rs. 45,00 for the automatic transmission models. Then there is an exchange bonus of Rs 25,000 on exchanging your old car. Finally, there is a corporate discount of Rs 5,100 being offered on the car.

Volkswagen Polo

Max Discount upto: Rs. 75,000

Polo Gt Tdi

The stylish German hatch has not been doing very good in terms of sales since some time now. Volkswagen therefore is offering discounts of more than Rs. 75,000 on the Polo this December. The Polo Trendline petrol trim has its price slashed to Rs. 4.99 Lakh from Rs. 5.55 lakh and also gets Rs 25,000 off as exchange bonus.

The Comfortline petrol trim gets a Rs. 35,000 cash discount, Rs. 25,000 exchange bonus along with its price been slashed to Rs. 5.99 lakhs. Similarly, The Volkswagen Polo Highline petrol trim gets Rs. 45,000 cash discount, Rs. 25,000 as exchange bonus while its price has also been reduced to 6.99 lakhs from the usual Rs. 7.49 lakhs. An extra Rs. 5,000 discount is available as corporate bonus across the various trims.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Max Discount upto: Rs. 60,000

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is the best selling hatchback in its segment and is currently being offered with discounts of up to Rs 60,000. The petrol Swift variants are being dished out with a decent cash discount Rs 30,000 with Rs. 5,000 extra for the special edition variant. Then there is an exchange bonus of Rs. 25,000 if the car being exchanged in under 7 years old. If the car is more than 7 year old, the exchange discount value drops to Rs. 10,000.

Meanwhile, the diesel powered variants of Swift are getting a discount of Rs. 50,000. This includes a cash discount of Rs 20,000 along with  Rs. 30,000 as exchange bonus if the car is under 7 year old. If the car being exchanged is more than 7-year old, the exchange bonus drops to Rs 15,000.

Honda Jazz

Max Discount upto: Rs. 70,000 

Honda has decided to discontinue its smallest and most affordable offering in India, the Brio. This makes the Jazz its entry level product, even though its a premium hatchback battling the likes of Maruti Suzuki Baleno and the Hyundai i20 Elite. The car is currently getting discouts worth of Rs. 70,000.

The S and V trims are being given away with a free 1st Year Insurance, Rs. 25,000 cash discount along with Rs. 20,000 exchange bonus. This totals to a maximum discount of Rs. 70,000 on the car. On the other hand, the Vx trim comes with a discount of Rs. 45,000 which includes a free 1st year insurance and Rs. 20,000 as exchange bonus.


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