Maruti Swift to Hyundai Grand i10: Hatchbacks selling at MASSIVE March discounts

Among all the segments in the Indian automotive industry, the hatchback segment gets the most number of sales every year. Over time, people have shifted from buying entry-level hatchbacks to mid-size hatchbacks. The latest trend now seems to be shifting towards premium hatchbacks like the Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Hyundai i20 among others. Talking of discounts, numerous manufacturers are offering discount schemes on their range of hatchbacks. If you were planning to get one this month, go through the list below to know the best deal on hatchbacks this March.

Datsun Redi-Go

Max Discount: Rs. 48,000

2018 Datsun Redigo Limited Edition

The smallest hatchback in Datsun’s India lineup is running on quite decent discounts this month. The Redi-Go is also one of the most affordable cars in India with the base model starting at Rs. 2.67 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). As for the discounts, the offers on the car includes a direct cashback of Rs. 30,000 along with an exchange bonus worth Rs. 15,000. Apart from this, government employees are aslo get additional benefits worth Rs. 3,000. However, these discounts are only available on the 2018 made models of the Redi-Go.

Alto 800

Max. Discount: Rs. 73,000

Maruti Alto 800

Among the top selling hatchbacks of the country, the Alto 800 is being offered with big discounts this month. Maruti Suzuki is currently offering discounts of up to Rs. 73,000 on the car. The discount scheme includes a direct cashback of Rs. 30,000 on the fresh stock and Rs. 40,000 on the older 2018 stock. Then there is an additional bonus of Rs. 30,000 offered which gets down to Rs. 20,000 if the car being exchanged is older than 7 years. A corporate bonus of Rs. 3,000 is also up on offer.

Alto K10

Max. Discount: Rs. 60,000

Alto K10

The Alto K10 is the more powerful version of the Alto 800. The hatchback is being given away with discounts up to Rs. 60,000 the discount scheme on the car includes a direct cashback of Rs. 20,000 on the new 2019 stock while the older 2018 stock gets a cash discount of Rs. 27,000. This is then followed by an exchange bonus of Rs. 30,000 and an additional corporate discount of Rs. 3,000. Also, if the car being exchanged is older than 7 years, the exchange bonus goes down by Rs. 10,000


Max. Discount: Rs. 71,000

Next in line is the Maruti Suzuki Celerio, which is being offered with discounts up to Rs. 71,000. The discount scheme includes direct cashback of Rs 25,000 for the petrol-powered variant and Rs. 30,000 for AMT/CNG variant. The older 2018 stock gets direct cashback of Rs 33,000 for the petrol-powered variant and Rs. 38,000 for AMT/CNG variant. Then there is an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000 on the cars under 7 years in age which dips to Rs. 20,000 is the car being exchange is older than 7 years. The offer is topped by Rs. 3,000 worth of corporate discount.


Max. Discount: Rs. 68,000

2019 Ignis

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis is an SUV-hatch crossover designed to appeal the youths. It is being offered with a discount of Rs. 68,000 this month. The discount scheme includes a direct cashback of Rs. 15,000 on the new 2019 stock. The older 2018 stock is available with a cashback of Rs. 45,000 for the manual transmission variant while the auto transmission variants get a cashback of Rs. 50,000. Then there is an additional Rs. 15,000 being offered as exchange bonus and a corporate bonus of Rs. 3,000.


Max. Discount: Rs. 68,000

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is the arguably the best mid segment hatchback on sale right now. It is currently running on discounts worth Rs. 68,000 this month. The petrol engine powered Swift variants get a cash discount Rs 25,000 while the older stock gets Rs. 36,000 as cashback. The petrol powered variant get an exchange bonus of Rs. 25,000. The diesel variants of Swift, on the other hand, get a cash discount of Rs 20,000 while the 2018 stock gets Rs. 35,000 as cashback. An exchange bonus of Rs. 30,000 is available on the diesel variants. The exchange bonus drops by Rs 10,000 on all variants if the car being exchanged is more than 7 years old year old. A further amount of Rs. 3,000 is available as a corporate discount.

Grand i10

Max Discount: Rs. 75,100

Hyundai Grand I10

The Grand i10 is Hyundai answer to the likes of the Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Ford Figo among others. The hatchback is running on big discounts this March, which total up to Rs. 75,100. The discount scheme includes a direct cashback of Rs. 40,000 along with an exchange bonus of Rs. 20,000. Additionally, the Asta and Sportz Dual Tone trims are being given an extra Rs. 10,000 off. Government employees are being given a further benefit valued at Rs. 5,100.


Nissan Micra

Max Discount: Rs. 1 lakh

nissan micra india launch

The Nissan Micra did quite well upon its initial launch in India. However, the same can not be said for its present sales, which have continuously been low since long. As for the discounts, The Micra is currently getting a flat discount worth Rs. 1 lakh. However, the offer is applicable only on the top-spec XV CVT model of 2018 make. The XV is top end fully loaded model with a touchscreen, rear view camera, alloy wheels, push-button ignition among other standard safety, convenience, styling features

Volkswagen Polo

Max. Discount: Rs. 1.5 lakh plus

Volkswagen Polo

The stylish hatchback by Volkswagen with European flair is getting huge discounts this month. In fact, the Polo is getting the highest discount schemes among all the cars in this list. The discount scheme on the car includes a 10% off scheme on the ex-showroom price of the car. This means about Rs. 60,000 to 90,000 off on the ex-showroom price. However, this is only applicable over the 2018 models. The 2019 models are getting a cashback of Rs. 30,000. Then there is an exchange bonus of Rs. 20,000 along with a loyalty bonus of Rs. 10,000 on all models and an additional corporate bonus worth Rs. 15,000 on select models. Apart from this, Volkswagen is offering a 4-year warranty cover, 4-year roadside assistance and 1st-year labour free service. All this takes the discount scheme well above Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

Ford Freestyle

Max. Discount: Rs. 40,000 + Warranty

The Ford Freestyle has been quite a successful product for Ford since its launch. The cross-hatchback is getting a pretty decent discount scheme on it this month, amounting to more than Rs. 40,000. The discount scheme includes a direct cashback of Rs. 20,000 along with an exchange bonus of Rs. 15,000. A further Rs. 5,000 is offered as an exchange bonus upon exchanging your old Ford car. Ford is also offering a free 3rd-year warranty on the car, which takes the discount value further up.


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