Maruti Suzuki Swift modified with Mini Cooper styling [Video]

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a rather good looking car and the new-gen car can be easily customized thanks to custom options that can even be availed directly from the factory through Maruti’s i-create program. However, when car customizers Prix Auto got the Swift seen in the video below which was uploaded onto their youtube page, it was suffering from the aftermath of a bad vinyl wrap job that used the regular commercial vinyl material. After quite a bit of work, the rescued Swift now looks rather cool with a wrap job and mods that are inspired by the Mini Cooper.

The changes to the Swift transformed it from a commercial vinyl wrapped disaster with excessive chrome that the youtuber stated made it look like a taxi into a Mini Cooper inspired beauty. The changes can be seen all around the 2018 Maruti Swift, which has all the blingy chrome bits from the donor removed. This is something we approve of as just using too much chrome on the Swift, just breaks up the brilliant design of the new-generation car.

Up front, the Swift features a blacked out mesh grille similar to one on the Mini with black Suzuki badging. The headlight surrounds are done up in black chrome, which helps enhance their design. Both the original headlights and fog lights have been replaced by LED units. Also, the surrounds for the fog lamps are now black as well. The front bumper has been tweaked with a few add-ons that make the car appear lower to the ground. The bonnet features two racing stripes in white that are part of the wrap job on the Swift.

On the sides, the mirror caps have been replaced with black units that enhance the looks of the Swift. The mirror caps also feature a thin white stripe on them which matches the beltline of the Swift, where the chrome has been replaced by material that has been finished in gloss white. The other chrome bits on the doors of the original car are now finished in black instead. The roof of the Swift has been wrapped in black, This is done using the same gloss white material used in the stripes on the bonnet and gives the Swift a dual-tone look very similar to that of a Mini Cooper. The regular antenna has made way for a sharkfin unit, which is also finished in white. The windows are tinted to keep the heat out and the door handles too are finished in black

The rear end of the Swift features quite a few changes. The white stripes seen on the bonnet make a return on the boot of the car. All the extra chrome has been tossed out to the curb and the third brake light on the roof and the Suzuki badge have been blacked out. However, the most striking change comes in the form of the taillights, with quite a bit of the frame finished in black chrome, that help highlight the c-shaped lighting signature of the car. Finally, the paint has been restored as well.