Meet the Swift ‘LUCIFER’: Maruti Suzuki Swift turned into a Devil

Think car modification in India and some cars just pops up on mind inadvertently. This includes the Honda Civic, HM Contessa and the Maruti Suzuki Swift. In case of hatchbacks, the Swift is currently one of the most mod favorite cars among enthusiasts. This is because of its funky design, decent power and fun to drive character. It also responds very well to modifications and we have brought many enviable examples of modified Swifts in past to you. Joining the list is this ravishing red modified Swift which looks bonkers. The fact that it is a first generation model Swift is quite amazing too, especially because it hides its age very coyly. Take a look at these pictures before we proceed further.

Mod Swift

The term ‘Lucifer’ is generally used when referring to the devil itself. The car you see below has been aptly named Lucifer then. It belongs to Niyas Niya who goes by the name of niyas_lucifer on Instagram. As mentioned earlier, it is a first generation Swift but has been very tastefully done in to turn it into Lucifer. The exteriors sport a lot of changes while the engine has been kept mostly stock. The red paint job with black detailing is another head tuner on this striking looking Swift. Let’s now get into more details and see what all has gone in the making of this

Mod Maruti Swift

The whole body of the car has been completely reworked upon. Starting with the front, The front gets a pair of hot looking eyes with corona rings. The headlamp units have been blacked out to,, adding to the smokey eyed look The front bumper is also a new custom unit with a very aggressive design language along with a lip spoiler. The grille too is an aftermarket unit which looks the part.  LED DRLs too have been fitted on the front bumper to make the car keep up with the current traditions.  LED DRLs too have been fitted on the front bumper to make the car keep up with the current traditions.

The sides are mostly bare apart from those gorgeous tires, about which we’ll talk later. The rear too has done with the same aggressiveness and the rear bumper gets a host of meshwork along with duo twin tailed bikes. Then there is the black rooftop spoiler which adds up to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Maruti Swift Mod

The Lucifer runs on 17 inch forged zero offset rims wrapped in 215 /45/R17 NANKANG rubber. The custom body kit has a ground hugging stance and this makes it very sporty and racy to Look at. Apart from this, the whole suspension setup has been lowered too i order to get the perfect low rider look. The shiny rims do a fantastic job and make the car stand out instantaneously.

The Swift Lucifer here is a perfect example of how cosmetic jobs can hide the age of anyone and anything on this platform. Though it may be the first generation model of the car, it still can give the modern iterations a run for their money in its current form.