Maruti Swift off-road buggy: What it’ll look like

The world of computer generated imagery lets car lovers go wild, and imagine things that may never make it to the real world. Here’s one such car – the Maruti Suzuki Swift off-road buggy – that has been imagined on a computer. The car does take us through a fantasy trip allowing us to imagine the sheer possibilities if something like this is ever produced. Unlikely as it may be, off-road buggies based on regular, everyday hatchbacks have been built in the past by enthusiasts across the globe. In fact, the Volkswagen Beetle – one of the world’s most recognizable hatchbacks – regularly sees off-road buggies built around its bodyshell by enthusiasts around the world.

Maruti Swift off-road buggy: What it’ll look like

What this also means is, it’s possible to build an off-road buggy based on the new Maruti Suzuki Swift. It only needs plenty of imagination, competent engineering resources and of course, an unlimited budget. As the render indicates, the Swift off-road buggy gets massive mud terrain tyres that would put many SUVs to shame. The chunky wheel wells add to the off-road cred. Gone is the five door hatchback design, which makes way for a single cab, pick-up truck stance. Then there’s a roof rack with an array of auxillary lights, which sit high enough to blind even truckies. The suspension is where the real action is.

The Swift Off-Road Buggy actually junks conventional, Mcpherson strut suspension at the front, replacing it with a solid axle. Peering closer, you’ll be able to make out a differential at the front. Yes, the car’s gone four wheel drive. To finish it off, the flimsy plastic front bumper gets replaced with a solid metal unit, replete with a bullbar and a winch. Can someone in the real world actually pull something like this off on a Swift of all cars? Why not, considering the fact that Suzuki is just shown us the all-new 2018 Jimny, an off roader that uses a ladder frame chassis and solid axles. Transplanting a Swift bodyshell onto the Jimny’s ladder frame will just make this dune buggy a reality, replete with four wheel drive.

Via Autobics