New Maruti Swift transformed into an off-roader is totally WILD

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is one of the most popular hatchbacks sold in India. Over 15,000 Maruti Swifts find homes  each month here, and the hatchback is also one of the widely modified ones in the small car space. While there have  been a few wild Swift modifications across the first two generations, we’re yet to see something totally insane  around the third generation model.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Offroader Render Front

So, we got CarToq’s rendering expert Vipin Vathoopan to come up with something really wild around the 3rd  generation Swift. This is the result.

As the render shows, the stock, 3rd generation Maruti Swift has been injected with some really strong steroids in  order to bulk up and transform into a mean-looking off roader. This is a form of the Swift we’ve never seen before,  and this gives the car the shock factor to really stand out. The stock Swift’s rear has been extended and made  curvier to give it the appearance of a coupe SUV – a-la-BMW-X6.

This isn’t all. The doors have been dumped for a Wrangler-esque off-road ready look. The wheels are now significantly larger, and host mud terrain tyres. The plastic front bumper has made way for a beefy metal unit that also adds plenty of ground clearance. A nudge bar at front sits ahead of a winch, and there’s a snorkel peeking out from the rocker panel on the right hand side.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Offroader Render Full

In true off-roader fashion, the stock fenders make way for rectangular units that add clearance to the massive tyres.  The mod job is complete with the customary light bar on the roof. Look deeper and you’ll spot a proper four wheel  drive system, with both the front and rear axles driven. This is an item borrowed from the Suzuki Jimny, a small but  highly potent off roader that was launched a few months ago internationally.

In the past, we’ve had Suzuki building all-wheel drive versions of the first and second generation Swift for the rally circuit. However, there was no lift and proper four wheel drive transfer case with low and high ratios involved. Clearly, the render and imagination around it aims to take the Swift to a place that the car’s never gone before.

While something like this may never be built by Maruti Suzuki, this off-road spec Swift is just what can happen if creative juices are let loose. It may just serve as a template for some enterprising car modifier to dig out a Suzuki Jimny chassis and mount a modified Swift body on top. The current Jimny is also a ladder frame equipped model,  and mounting the Swift’s body onto it can be achieved with some effort.

If something like this gets built by a modifier, the stock Jimny’s mechanicals will be more than apt. We’d prefer the
1.5 liter K-Series petrol engine mated to the part-time four wheel drive transfer case. This motor makes 104 Bhp-138
Nm, and is offered on the Sierra version of the Suzuki Jimny. Closer home, the likes of the facelifted Maruti Ciaz
and new Ertiga also offer this petrol motor.