10 year old Maruti Suzuki Swift beautifully restored [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Swift is an extremely popular car in the Indian market and it is currently in its third generation now. The all-new Maruti Suzuki Swift looks quite different from the previous-generation Swift as the latest model is based on the HEARTECT platform and gets a host of updates too. Here is a 2010 Maruti Suzuki Swift that gets a new paint scheme that makes it look like the all-new Swift.

According to the uploader Vinay Kapoor, the 9-year old Swift was in a bad condition as the paint job on the body had numerous scratches all over. The vehicle before the restoration job can be seen in the video and it does not looks to be in good shape. The hatchback can be seen with numerous scratches on the body and the paint has swirl marks all over the body. The video also shows work in progress of the car.

The process of restoring the vehicle consists of first removing the old paint and making the surface of the vehicle smooth. This is done after the whole vehicle’s dents and scratches are removed by the professionals. Then the prime paint is applied on the body to make it rust-proof and to ensure that rust does not creep on the body and makes it weak. The base coat of the vehicle also shows the design layout of the paint job that is purely inspired by the all-new Swift. To add a floating-type roof effect, the C-Pillar of the first-generation Swift gets a little black paint insert. This is also the same design layout seen on the all-new Swift.

The vehicle has also been restored from the inside. It gets an anti-rust paint coat all over including the floor and interior of the doors. The door trim has been removed to apply the anti-rust paint. The video shows the end result of the paint job and it looks fabulous. The vehicle gets a gloss-finish red paint on the body while the A-Pillar and B-Pillar get all-black paint. The C-Pillar partially gets the red paint while the upper half of the vehicle gets the black paint. This adds a floating-type roof effect to the hatchback. The mirrors have also been blacked out, giving a very extremely good and modern look to the hatchback. Even the aftermarket all-black wheel covers look like alloy wheels and make the car look very good. Even the interior of the vehicle has been upgraded and restored beautifully.

10 year old Maruti Suzuki Swift beautifully restored [Video]


This is the first-generation Maruti Suzuki Swift that has been restored beautifully by Vinay Kapoor. For more details, you can directly contact him through his Facebook or YouTube pages.