Modified Maruti Swifts with Volvo bus-like air suspension, & valvetronic exhaust [Video]

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The Maruti Swift – across three generations – is one of the most modified cars in India. From low rider kits to turbo jobs and just plain exterior modifications, the options are many for the Swift. However, we’re yet to see many Swifts with Volvo bus-like air suspension, or for that matter, BMW sportscar-like valvetronic exhaust that actually allows the driver to control the exhaust sound. Here are two such Maruti Swifts modified with air suspension, and valvetronic exhaust systems. The video below will tell you more.

Air suspension allows the car’s ride height to be varied. Also, air suspension makes ride quality much plusher in most cases. Air suspension consists of bellows (which are like strong air cushions), an air tank, an air pump and an electrical system that controls the amount of air pumped into the bellows. The bellows are what the car is suspended on, which function as the vehicle’s suspension as well as ride height controller. By controlling the amount of air in the bellows, the vehicle can be lowered or raised. This system is very popular on Volvo buses, which are known to offer excellent ride quality.

Coming back to the Swift fitted with this system, the air suspension is what allows the owner to transform this second generation Swift hatchback into a low rider at the press of a button. When the car encounters a situation that requires higher ground clearance, the owner simply has to raise the car, again at a touch of a button. The total cost of the air suspension fitted to the Swift is Rs. 1.8 lakhs.

Modified Maruti Swifts with Volvo bus-like air suspension, & valvetronic exhaust [Video]

The lowering springs that the car runs on costs another 34,000 rupees. All in all, expect to pay about Rs. 2.2 lakhs if you want a lowered car running on air suspension, which is an absolute essential if you intend to use the lowered car on an everyday basis.

Apart from the air suspension and lowering kit, the modified second generation kit in the video above gets a range of other tasteful modifications including a new front grille, debadging, new tail lamps and gorgeous aftermarket alloy wheels.

Coming to the other modified Swift – the one with the valvetronic exhaust – it also gets a range of tasteful visual modifications including a body kit that help it stand out on the road. The party trick though, is the valvetronic exhaust system that can controlled through a dashboard mounted switch.

As its name suggests, the valvetronic exhaust has a valve fitted inside the exhaust of the car, which can be opened on closed at the touch of a button. Opening the valve gives the exhaust free-flow character, making it sound very throaty. On the other hand, when the exhaust valve is closed, the exhaust goes back to having a sound that’s similar to what a stock exhaust offers. All in all, this is a system that can be used to trick cops. The valvetronic exhaust costs Rs. 45,000.