Maruti to launch Vitara Brezza Automatic in petrol and diesel trims

Maruti Vitara Brezza is in extremely high-demand right now. Maruti has already sold over 1.25 lakh units of the vehicle since its launch and yet, the car has a very long waiting period. Maruti had hinted that they will launch a petrol variant of the Brezza and automatic version of the vehicle later this year.

Maruti to launch Vitara Brezza Automatic in petrol and diesel trims

According to BW Businessworld, the manufacturer will introduce the new variants of the vehicle during the festive season. Currently, the Vitara Brezza is only powered by a 1.3-litre 4-cylinder diesel engine that generates 89Bhp – 200 Nm. Only the 5-speed manual transmission is offered with the vehicle. According to the report, Maruti will launch an AMT version with the diesel-powered Brezza in India.

The report also suggests that there will be a petrol version of the compact SUV too. The petrol engine is expected to be a 1.0-litre Boosterjet engine that also powers the Baleno RS in the current line-up. The petrol engine will come with CVT automatic transmission. There are also reports suggesting that the petrol engine could be the 1.4-litre K14 engine that powers the Maruti Ciaz.

The new variants are being launched to counter the upcoming launches like Tata Nexon and Ford EcoSport facelift that is scheduled to happen next week.

The Brezza earlier came with a high waiting period of 4-5 months but Maruti has increased the production of the vehicle and has brought down the waiting period to around 15 days now. Maruti’s new plant in Sanand, Gujarat has started adding to the production number which has helped the brand to significantly bring down the waiting period.

Maruti is currently preparing to launch the facelift version of the S-Cross in India. In 2018, the brand will also bring in the all-new Swift. Maruti had a huge backlog of orders in August with as many as 1.5 lakh vehicles pending to be delivered to the customers. With the new upcoming vehicles, the demand will shot up but the new Gujarat plant is helping the brand to ease the pressure.

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