Maruti Vitara Brezza highway crash shows why seatbelts are so important

Anyone, absolutely anyone can crash a car. And in a car crash, the seatbelt is what makes the difference between life and death. A family driving in a Maruti Vitara Brezza on the Bangalore-Hyderabad NH7 highway found this out first-hand. Thankfully, the crash only led to the compact SUV being damaged, with all three occupants escaping unhurt.

How did it happen?

Maruti Vitara Brezza highway crash shows why seatbelts are so important

The Brezza was said to be on the left lane near Hyderabad, overtaking a truck which was on the fast lane. Seeing a pothole ahead, the trucker swerved hard, leaving the Brezza no room to swerve. The Brezza driver is said to have braked hard, lost control over gravel on the road, and driven straight into a tree.

The resultant impact left the Brezza with minimal damage on the front end. The occupants were unhurt though. The man and his wife were belted up at the time of accident. However, the infant child in the car’s child seat was just removed from the seat for feeding. Luckily, the infant also got away unhurt. Airbags did not deploy.

The owner of the Brezza is said to have gotten the vehicle inspected by a Maruti dealer at Hyderabad, who is said to have allowed him to drive back more than 500 Kms to Bangalore. However, he’s said to have been advised to stay under 80 Kph for the remainder of the trip. The vehicle’s repair is said to have cost about 40,000 rupees.

Maruti Vitara Brezza highway crash shows why seatbelts are so important

Key takeaways from this crash

  1. Do not drive a car that’s faced an accident such as this. It’s better to get it towed or flat-bedded as such cars can have a lot of unseen damage that can cause another big accident.
  2. Never take a child off the child seat in a moving car. If you have to feed the child, do so after parking the car.
  3. Overtaking on the left hand side of the road is always risky. Avoid it as far as possible. When left with no option, give the vehicle that’s being overtaken enough warning to register your vehicle’s presence beside it.

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