Maruti Suzuki WagonR modified into a limousine for just Rs 2.3 lakh

Earlier this year, a bizarre limousine version of the WagonR became viral on the Internet. The stretched version of the older-generation WagonR came with two extra doors and the body was stretched too. This WagonR is from Pakistan and the owner of the car has now shared details and has also revealed the price of the modification job.

The owner of the car is Mohammed Irfan Usman, who owns a car garage and workshop in Pakistan. He says that he took up the project to convert the hacthback into a limousine all by himself. Usman has been working with automobiles for a long time now. He started his workshop way back in 1977 and then moved to Saudi Arabia, where he worked with automobiles for 35 years.

Usman was toying with the idea of converting the hatchback to the limousine for a long time now. However, due to work pressure and regular chores, he could not work on the project at all. He first tried working on the project in Saudi Arabia but just could not start it.

When he came back to Pakistan and started his own garage again, he found the time to work on the project. Before starting the project Usman researched about the limousine extensively. He wanted to make the WagonR unique and one of its kind. After looking for similar projects around the world, he started working on it after he found out that there is no such other project anywhere else in the world.

Imported the WagonR

Maruti Suzuki WagonR modified into a limousine for just Rs 2.3 lakh

Usman imported the WagonR for the project. Even though he started working on it in 2018, the car that he imported is a 2015 model. His idea behind the limousine version is quite simple and seems like an easy job on the paper. He explains that he used the front and rear section of the original car and then to extend the length, he chopped the car into two. The extra length comes from a section that he added between the front and the rear axles.

For the project, he bought used items and imported them to Pakistan. He imported parts like the extra doors, roof, pillars and the seats. Usman says that the cost of the project is only Rs 2.3 lakh INR or about PKR 5 lakh. He spent three months on the vehicle. Most of the time went into making the body of the vehicle and then adding the finishing touches. The video also shows the car from all around and the neat job execution too.

14.5 feet in length

Usman added an extra 3 feet and 7 inches to the original length of the vehicle. The final outcome of the limousine is a long 14.5 feet car. It has six doors and is designed to carry around 6 people at a time. Usman claims that the extended version of the car can handle 500 kg of weight without any signs of stress. There are no other changes in the car. The engine is also stock and it gets an automatic transmission.