‘Tape experiment’ conducted on two Maruti Suzuki WagonR hatchbacks

During childhood, we all experimented with the cello tapes but as we grow old, such experiments become a thing of past. Well, here is an experiment that uses two Maruti Suzuki WagonR hatchbacks taped together and the results are interesting.

The video by Crazy XYZ shows two older generation Maruti Suzuki WagonR hatchbacks taped together. They drive the vehicle around to show what it is like to drive around a vehicle taped to another.

At the start of the video, they park both the vehicles near each other. To join the cars together, numerous rolls of adhesive tapes are used. It should be noted that these are not strong duct tapes but regular adhesive tapes that we use in our homes. The video does not mention how many rolls of the tapes have been used in this video but they do mention that the cost of all tapes used for the job is worth Rs 1,500. They show that multiple rolls of tapes have been used to stick the vehicles together. The multi-layered tapes hold up the vehicles pretty strongly.

‘Tape experiment’ conducted on two Maruti Suzuki WagonR hatchbacks

Since the door cannot be used to enter the vehicle anymore, they enter the vehicle through the windows. Only one car gets the driver while there is no one in the other vehicle. After putting the driverless vehicle in neutral and disengaging the handbrake, they start driving the vehicle. Both the vehicles can be seen moving around without any such problem but since there is no protective layer between the vehicles and they are touching each other, the cars are damaging each other.

The steering of the vehicle in which the driver is not present can be seen moving around on its own. This is due to the force of the other vehicle though. They also do a second run in which both the cars get drivers. The multiple layers of the tapes are quite strong in strength and they do not break even when the drivers try to go in different directions. A lot more powerful vehicle is needed to break the force of the tapes.

Should you do it?

If you ever get stuck and there is no help around, will a regular tape prove to be enough to tow the car? Well, if you ever get stuck and a cello tape is the only option you have to tow the other vehicle, it might not be the brightest idea to try. Rather, try making a rope using the tape by winding it multiple times. In real-world, such experiments are useless as we all know that the adhesive tapes are quite strong and can take a weight that is thousands of times heavier.

This experiment has been done without any conclusion and it is just for fun. If you, however, want to do such an experiment, always ensure that you do it in an empty space like an open ground.