What happens when 2 Maruti Suzuki WagonRs are taped together & driven around [Video]

Doing experiments with automobiles is not such a popular idea in India. Have you ever wondered how two cars will behave if they are both glued together side by side? Well, here is a video that shows two older-generation Maruti Suzuki WagonR hatchbacks stuck together with the use of adhesive tape. The result sure is interesting.

The video has been made by Crazy XYZ and this experiment has been done just to check how the cars behave in such a condition. It seems like already damaged WagonR hatchbacks were used for the experiment. To join the cars together, both the vehicles were parked side by side first. Multiple rolls of adhesive tapes were used to fix both the cars. The video does not mention how many tapes were used in this exactly but it has been said that the worth of the tapes is around Rs 1,500.

To get inside the car, the driver uses the window since the doors were not accessible. The other car had no driver in the first instance and the vehicle was put in neutral with handbrake disengaged. The car can be seen moving around without much of a problem. However, since both the vehicles were touching each other, the body damage is immense. The steering of the car where no driver is sitting can be seen moving around on its own due to the force of the other vehicle.

In the second instance, both cars had drivers. The cars can be seen moving all around and shows how strongly both the vehicles have been glued together. However, a lot more powerful and effort is needed to move both the vehicle around.

What happens when 2 Maruti Suzuki WagonRs are taped together & driven around [Video]

Should you do it?

If you ever get stuck and want to tow your car, should you use this method? Well, if you ever get stuck with multiple rolls of tape at your disposal and no other way to get out of the situation, this might not be the brightest idea. If you have to rescue a car using only tape, don’t stick the cars together. Instead, a strong rope can be made out of the tape and it can be used to slowly tow the car out. This is an experiment without any motive of reaching a result. However, if you repeat such an experiment on your own, make sure that you’re in a safe place without any vehicular or pedestrian movement. Doing such experiments on the public roads is also illegal and the vehicles can get seized.

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