Maruti WagonR XL5 spied testing on video

Maruti Suzuki is India’s number one car manufacturer and has been offering a variety of products to the customers for quite some time. One of the popular family hatchbacks from the manufacturer is WagonR and this car has been around in India for a long time. Couple of years ago, Maruti launched an all-new WagonR in the market and just like its older generations, it has been a huge success. Maruti has a range of premium vehicles that they sell via NEXA dealerships and the manufacturer is likely to add one more vehicle to this line up very soon. Maruti has been working on a premium version of WagonR for quite some time and here we have a video where the same vehicle can be seen testing under heavy camouflage.

The video has been uploaded by Abhinav Bhatt on his youtube channel. The video shows a heavily camouflaged hatchback being tested on Gurgaon-Delhi Highway. It is likely to be known as XL5 and even after covering the whole car with black tape, the design, of the car is unmistakably WagonR. it gets a vertical tail lamps just like the one seen in regular WagonR. It seems like, the XL5 will be getting clear lens tail lights and the alloy wheels are of the same design as that of Ignis.

The vlogger also rides right next to it and the Suzuki logo on the steering confirms that it is a Maruti. The automaker has been testing this vehicle for quite some time and has been spotted many time. At the front, it is likely to get a revised face with headlamps positioned on the lower part of the bumper with turn indicators above it. The front grille is also likely to be redesigned and it will look a bit more premium than the regular WagonR.

Maruti WagonR XL5 spied testing on video

As this will be sold as a premium offering, Maruti is expected to work on the interiors as well. They are likely to revise the interiors and come up with a much more plush looking cabin with touchscreen infotainment screen and other upmarket features. The engine on XL5 is likely to remain the same as regular WagonR, and it is likely to get a 1.2 litre petrol engine as standard while a less expensive version with a 1.0 litre petrol engine can also be expected. Maruti is expected to launch XL5 next year and will be sold via Nexa dealerships across the country.

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