Maruti will launch full-fledged hybrid in future models

Maruti Suzuki was India’s first manufacturer to incorporate the mild hybrid system in the mass production car – Ciaz. The car also received benefits under FAME scheme in India. Now according to Autocar, the company is planning to take their hybrid game to the next level. The company will launch a wider range of products in the future and eventually will bring in full-hybrid vehicles in India.

Maruti will launch full-fledged hybrid in future models

India is aiming to adopt cleaner, electric vehicles by 2030. The pollution norms are becoming stringent and to meet the future norms, the company will incorporate more budget cars with the hybrid systems.

Accord to C.V. Raman, executive director R&D, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, the mild hybrid technology that currently comes with the Ciaz and the Ertiga has received a positive feedback from the market. The company will use the technology as a stepping stone to bring in more hybrids in the future. Maruti is also studying the possibility of bringing the tech with the upcoming Maruti Swift that will be introduced in India by mid-2017.

Raman also said, even though the market is getting to know such hybrid tech, the market is still not familiar with such technology. A lot of work will be needed to be done to educate the market to adopt the cleaner cars in the future.

The Ignis, that will be one of the biggest launches for Maruti next year, the small car will come out to aim the young buyers of the country and will be sold through the Nexa dealership. According to the company, there are no near-future plans to put a mild-hybrid system in the Ignis. Interestingly, the current FAME scheme does not give benefits to the smaller hybrid vehicles that are below 4-metres.

In the future, we may see tax benefits on even smaller vehicles. SIAM has suggested giving 8% tax benefits to the vehicles powered by alternate technology like electric, hybrid and other alternative fuel. If the decision is implemented, we will see many more vehicles with hybrid or electric technology in the future.

Source: AutoCar

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