Maruti YMC Electric MPV To Have A Toyota-badged Version: Details

Maruti Suzuki YMC electric MPV

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota are set to collaborate once again, this time for the upcoming electric MPV, codenamed the YMC. Following the success of their previous, badge-engineering joint ventures such as the Baleno-Glanza, Grand Vitara-Hyryder, Innova Hycross-Invicto and Ertiga-Rumion, the two automakers will share a platform and powertrain options for the YMC, alongside the eVX SUV. The YMC is an electric MPV that use the same platform as the eVX. This MPV will be built by both Suzuki and Toyota, and will wear Maruti Suzuki and Toyota badges respectively, similar to say the Toyota Innova HyCross and the Maruti Suzuki Invicto.

Maruti YMC Electric MPV To Have A Toyota-badged Version: Details
A speculative render of the Maruti YMC electric MPV

Toyota’s version of the YMC MPV will debut after Maruti’s, leveraging the shared platform and technology. This strategic move aims to capitalize on economies of scale, boost production volumes, and drive business growth for both brands. Maruti Suzuki anticipates the YMC MPV will achieve substantial volume potential, ranging from 50,000 to 1 lakh units, upon its launch in late 2026.

With combined production volumes of 2.5 lakh units per year expected for the eVX SUV and YMC MPV within 2-3 years of market launch, Maruti Suzuki aims to become a significant player in the EV segment by 2027-28. The collaboration extends beyond the Indian market, with plans for high export volumes and a shared model lineup with Toyota.

“If all goes as per the plan, Maruti Suzuki may be the largest producer of EVs in the country by 2027-28. Not only will the upcoming SUV and MPV cater to the Indian market, but have very high export volumes. Plus, the model will be shared with Toyota for the Indian market,” a person responsible for the development told ACI.

Maruti YMC Electric MPV To Have A Toyota-badged Version: Details
maruti eVX and Toyota Urban Electric SUV

While the details about this EV are slim, it could be based upon the 27PL skateboard platform developed by the collective efforts of both Maruti Suzuki and Toyota. This is the same platform that the eVX and Urban Electric SUV will use. For those unaware, a skateboard platform is designed for EVs only. With batteries integrated into the floor, it offers multiple benefits over the regular platform.

The benefits are –
• Better handling and improved stability
• More space in the cabin
• Design flexibility

Similar to the YMC, this EV will also be a 7-seater. According to reports, the battery pack could be the same as the Urban Electric SUV. This means this will come with two battery pack options: a 40 kWh and a 60 kWh unit. The driving range is also expected to be similar, that is, 500 km for the 60 kWh battery pack. There could be multiple parts sharing between both the EVs to keep costs in control.

Maruti YMC Electric MPV To Have A Toyota-badged Version: Details
Speculative render of the Toyota Taisor compact crossover, which is based on the Maruti Fronx

Besides this EV, Toyota plans to launch multiple cars in the upcoming months. These include –
• Toyota Urban Cruiser Taisor – Toyota’s version of the Maruti Suzuki Fronx
• Toyota Fortuner Hybrid
• Urban Electric SUV – Toyota’s version of the eVX
• Toyota Hyryder 7-seater
• Mini Fortuner

The eVX from Maruti Suzuki and Urban Electric SUV from Toyota will be the first fully electric cars by the brands. The launch of these will be followed by the Maruti Suzuki YMC and its Toyota counterpart.