Man converts his 1998 model Maruti Zen into bed [Video]

Do you remember your first bike or car on which you learned how to ride and drive?. That particular vehicle has a special connection or attachment and it is quite possible that you may not have that vehicle with you when you are reading this article. Letting go of a vehicle that has emotional connect with you is actually a very painful thing . Here we have a video that shows a man who did not wanted to dump his old Maruti Zen and came up with an idea to convert the same into a bed.

The video has been uploaded by Grease Monkey on their youtube channel. The main reason behind this conversion was that the Zen in this video is a 1998 model and the car was located in Delhi NCR. According to the new set of rules, one cannot legally drive a petrol car which is over 15 year old on the roads. The only option was to dump the vehicle as finding a buyer and transferring it to a different buyer in some other state would consume a lot of time and effort.

The owner came up with an idea to simply convert his beloved car into a bed in that way he does not have to get rid of the car in any way. In order to execute this plan. The whole car was lifted up using jacks and the hood was removed. Once that was done, the dashboard, steering wheel, all electrical wires, fuel tank was removed. Finally, the engine of the Zen was also removed.

Once that was done, the roof including the A,B and C pillar were chopped off. This was done to make room for the bed. The car as mentioned above was pretty old and the chassis needed some work. The chassis was repaired and the whole car was once again repainted in white. After that a frame was built inside where they had the seats before. A plywood board was placed on it and the bed was finally placed above it. The corners and edges of the doors and pillars were curved out and there is a storage space under the board to keep things as well.  The owner has several plans like a bluetooth speaker in engine bay, LED headlamps and tail lamps to give it a different look.