MASSIVE cement truck falls on car & scooter; Then a miraculous escape [Video]

Overloading can be fatal, especially in cases of commercial vehicles that have high centers of gravity, and therefore high chances of toppling or going out of control. Even when not overloaded, trucks need to be driven gently. Clearly, a trailer truck driver didn’t bother driving gently, and the result wasn’t pretty. Here, watch this video and see for yourself.

A trailer truck carrying cement took a curve of the road too fast, and couldn’t make it. The truck toppled over a car and a two wheeler, trapping no less than 5 people under it. Of these, two were children. Miraculously, the crowd that gathered after the crash managed to rescue all five people from under the truck by physically lifting the cement bags. We salute the efforts of those common people who selflessly pitched in and saved lives.

Two cranes and two bulldozers were also enlisted into the rescue effort, and after one full hour, the people trapped under the truck were rescued. They were later admitted to a hospital nearby for treatment of injuries. It’s nothing short of a miracle that the five people survived this horrific accident. As for the truck driver, he just learnt a lesson that he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

Slow down on corners!

This crash isn’t just a lesson for trucks but it’s also a stark reminder to motorists of all vehicles about the importance of slowing down at a corner. Even cars and SUVs can topple or go out of control when cornered at high speeds. It’s always advisable to slow down on curves, especially on unfamiliar roads.

Then there’s the issue of speeding. As the video shows, the driver of the loaded trailer truck didn’t slow down despite passing through a thickly populated area with a lot of pedestrians. In fact, the video shows a man jumping out of the truck’s way even as it barreled across the corner just before toppling.

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Video courtesy MakeItAll