Massive crash between Skoda Kushaq & Toyota Fortuner: MP rescues the injured in her Innova

We have seen many politician convoys creating a lot of problems for the ambulances and emergency vehicles in the past. Well, here is an incident from Karnataka where a Skoda Kushaq and Toyota Fortuner Legender collided head-on. The union minister of state for agriculture and farmer welfare – Shobha Karandlaje – who was passing through on the same road stopped her Toyota Innova Crysta and helped the victims. Later, she took a lift on a bike to reach her office.

The incident that has widely become viral on the Internet shows a Skoda Kushaq and Toyota Fortuner with a heavily damaged front. While the exact details of the accident remain unknown, the occupants of both vehicles were injured. However, passengers of both vehicles remain safe without any fatal injuries.

Union Minister Shobha Karandlaje was passing through the same road when she saw the accident victims. She asked the driver to stop the vehicle and help the victims. After asking about their well-being, the MP saw that they need to be in the hospital immediately. The politician then asked the driver of her official car to take the accident victims to the hospital.

While the official car – a Toyota Innova Crysta took away the accident victim from the spot, the MP took a lift from a motorcycle rider who was also passing through the same road. Videos show the minister Shobha Karandlaje hopping onto the rear seat of the bike to reach her office.

Politicians have done similar things in the past

Massive crash between Skoda Kushaq & Toyota Fortuner: MP rescues the injured in her Innova

We have seen such incidents in the past as well. An MLA from Chirakonda, Odisha, saved the lives of three accident victims by taking them to the hospital. Purna Chandra Baka was travelling through the district when he spotted three accident victims travelling on a bike lying on the side of the road. Baka immediately asked the convoy to stop and help the accident victims. He can be seen getting down from the vehicle and helping the victims.

Even Navjyot Singh Siddhu was in news last year after he stopped his convoy to ask about the well-being of accident victims in Punjab. Such incidents become viral and popular because most motorists in India do not help accident victims on the roads due to the numerous legal procedures.

Always help road accident victims

It is always important to stop and help road accident victims. Timely help can save lives. Helping road accident victims has become very easy when compared to olden times. The government has ensured that the people who help the victims do not get involved in any kind of legalities. This is something that will encourage motorists in the future to help road accident victims.

Also, the 108 emergency ambulance services are active almost throughout India. Calling the 108 if you cannot take the victim to the nearby hospital can also save time and save the victims. It should be the duty of every motorist to help the road accident victims in any way they can. To promote this, many state governments have even announced cash prizes for such people.

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