Massive python found in Volkswagen Polo’s engine bay during service

A massive python was found resting inside the engine bay of a Volkswagen Polo. The owner had taken the Polo to a service station and found the python resting in the engine bay after two days. While the python attracted a lot of onlookers and inquisitive people, a Goa MLA came to the spot and saved the life of the snake.

Massive python found in Volkswagen Polo’s engine bay during service

After the owner parked the car for service, a mechanic opened the engine bonnet of the vehicle after two days. The mechanic found out that the python was resting in a coiled position. As soon as the word spread about the python, a huge crowd appeared to check out the snake.

The garage mechanic had tried to get the python out of the engine bay. However, they did not succeed. They were unable to move the python so they started using sticks to beat it. They then called a snake catcher who caught it and handed it over to the forest department.

It was an Indian Rock Python, which is not venomous. However, their bite can be pretty serious.

Pythons are common

A few months, a massive python caused a traffic jam in Mumbai. The incident happened during the night hours on a two-way road connecting the seaport and airport in Kochi. A long python was sighted crawling at a very slow pace in the middle of the road. The python was trying to cross the road from one end to the other.

As soon as people caught the glimpse of the python crossing the road, they stopped their vehicles and waited till the python crosses the road completely. Needless to say, it led to a long traffic jam, with some people continuously honking their vehicles to get the traffic ahead of them cleared. In the middle of it, there were a few people who did not wait and crossed without stropping, through all the possible gaps between other vehicles and cleared-out tarmac.

Snakes found in many cars earlier

This is not the first time that a snake has entered a four-wheeler in India. There are several such cases where a snake has entered a car from various parts of the country. The snakes also enter the motorcycles and scooters. These reptiles are not much seen in urban residential areas but they are very common in other areas with larger green covers. Snakes are cold-blooded reptiles and they seek the hotter environment to keep their bodies warm. Automobiles, which are made up of metal become a good choice for these reptiles.

This is the reason why everyone should their vehicles properly before boarding the vehicle. Also, there are a few ways that can be used to avoid snakes when your vehicle is resting at the home.

Snakes can enter small crevices and can rest there for days before showing up. Before driving the vehicle, it is always a good idea to open the boot and give a quick glimpse, especially if you’re using the car after a few days.

While there is a slim chance of the snakes entering the cabin of the vehicle, they can frighten you if they show up on the windscreen while driving and it can lead to accidents.

Also, it is best to park the vehicle away from tall grass since snakes are mostly found in such areas. If you spot a snake in your vehicle, call an expert or an animal rescue team. It is not a good idea to handle the situation by yourself.