Massive Tata Truck stuck in river rescued by a Volvo excavator

We all have seen numerous videos of the cars getting stuck and getting rescued. But even bigger vehicles like truck get stuck and rescuing them does take a lot of effort. Here is a video of a tipper truck getting stuck in a river bed and then getting rescued by a Volvo excavator.

The exact location of this video is not known but it looks like that the video is somewhere from the North-Eastern part of the country. The video starts by showing a Tata LPK 2518 tipper stuck in the middle of the river. A Volvo excavator makes it move by travelling to the middle of the riverbed.

The excavator then pulls the tipper by its rear bed and takes it out super easily. Since the excavator runs on the Caterpillar tracks, they do not get stuck in such situations. These are the same tracks that are used by battle tanks to move around in various terrains. Since the weight distribution on the Caterpillar tracks is much more even and well-distributed, they do not get stuck. That is why the Caterpillar tracks are so widely in the excavators and vehicles that need to go on difficult terrains Even the rovers sent to the other planets and satellites use caterpillar tracks.

There is no information on what the truck was doing in the middle of the river. However, it seems like that the truck is used in the mining sand and they do make such trips to the difficult terrains. Even though the Tata 2518 is one of the most popular tipper trucks sold in India, it does not get AWD. It gets three axles and only one of them is a live axle.

Trucks do get stuck too

The truck in the video above does not seem to be loaded. That is why it could be rescued easily. However, there are times when even loaded trucks get stuck and the job becomes extremely difficult. In such scenarios, the payload is first removed and then the rescue is done.

Trucks are quite powerful and the amount of torque that they make is extremely high compared to regular mass-segment vehicles. Since trucks are the lifeline of the country, they move around in the most difficult terrains including high mountain passes, river beds and all around.

Every year, hundreds of trucks get stuck in the higher altitudes of the Himalayas and rescue teams are sent to recover these vehicles. They carry essentials to the remotest parts of the country. Many times, the trucks get stuck in such a way that they create massive jams on the mountain roads. In such events, experts from Army and other forces are called to save them.

So next time you see a truck on the road, you know that they are carrying essentials that make your life easy. If you have any stories of trucks getting stuck, do share them with us in the comments below.