Massive tree uprooted due to heavy rain: Narrowly misses a passing school bus

The state of Kerala like many Indian states is experiencing heavy rains for the last one week. Reports of flood and landslides have been reported from different parts of the state. Many rivers are flowing way above the safe limits and the concerned authorities of almost every district in the state have asked people to stay alert. Accidents related to rain have been reported from Kerala and many other states. One such video of a tree uprooting and falling on the road in Kerala has now viral on internet.

The video has been uploaded  by Aaluvakkaran on their YouTube channel. The incident has been captured in a CCTV that was installed in a house or a shop nearby. It is quite evident from the video that it is raining when this happened. Due to rain, not many vehicles are there on the road. Most of the schools and colleges in the region have been closed due to same reason. According to the video, the incident happened on Aluva-Kalady road. A two wheeler passes through the road and right after that a school bus and another scooter passes through the same spot. A private bus also passes through the same road to the opposite direction.

Few seconds after the bus passed, the tree slowly starts tilting towards the road. Within seconds the whole tree uproots and falls on to the road completely blocking the road. It looks like the tree took, electric wires with it. Sparks from the electric wires can also be seen in the video. If we notice carefully, there are couple auto-rickshaws parked next to the tree. As the tree was falling down, even the auto got lifted. Luckily no one was present at the spot when the tree fell down. The school bus, scooter rider and the private bus escaped from the spot  barely.

Massive tree uprooted due to heavy rain: Narrowly misses a passing school bus

If the tree had fallen on top of the school bus and the private bus, things could have got worse. Even the scooter rider would have been injured if he had come under the tree. It is a huge tree and it looks like the tree had fallen because the soil was too wet due to heavy rains in the region. No one was injured in the accident and fallen tree was cut and removed by Fire and Safety department.

Driving on roads during rainy season is always a risk. Only come out if it is absolutely necessary. Many roads get waterlogged and chances of getting your vehicle stalled in such situation are high. There are several reports from different parts of the country where people drove there vehicle into waterlogged roads without realising the depth. They were later rescued by authorities and the vehicle also got water damage. Always drive with caution on wet roads. It is recommended to drive slowly as the chances of skidding are more during this season. Especially if you are on a two wheeler. Also never park your vehicle under a tree during rains. In this case, the auto driver was lucky that his auto-rickshaw was not damaged.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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