Matter 07 – India’s first electric motorcycle with manual gearbox unveiled

There’s a new electric startup in town, which has arrived to offer a new-age electric motorcycle with a touch of conventional machines. Matter Energy, a newly formed startup of electric two-wheelers, has launched its first offering in the Indian two-wheeler market. The electric motorcycle from Matter Energy, which is simply called Matter Energy electric bike, for now, has been unveiled with an electric powertrain and a 4-speed gearbox, making this the first electric two-wheeler to feature a manual gearbox.

Matter 07 – India’s first electric motorcycle with manual gearbox unveiled

Matter Energy has said that this electric bike will be its first product for the Indian audience, and can also receive a new name at the time when it officially will go on sale in the first quarter of 2023. Soon after its launch, the electric bike is expected to go on sale from April 2023 in three different variants. Matter Energy has also stated that this electric bike will be on display at the upcoming 2023 Auto Expo.

In terms of the overall design, the Matter Energy electric bike has an edgy and sharp-looking design similar to many other aggressive-looking modern-day roadsters. As in other modern roadsters, the Matter Energy electric bike gets an all-LED headlamp, tail lamp and turn indicators.

Matter 07 – India’s first electric motorcycle with manual gearbox unveiled

The bike also gets split seats, a self-cancelling function for the turn indicators, clip-on handlebars and split grab rails. The Matter Energy electric bike will be offered in four different colour options – grey and neon, black and gold, blue and gold and red with black and white.

Massive torque output

The Matter Energy electric bike features a 5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which claims to be the largest battery pack among all the electric motorcycles sold in India right now. This IP67-rated battery pack can be charged using a simple 5A household socket, which will take five hours for a complete charge. The motorcycle is powered by a 10.5 kW electric motor, which claims a maximum torque output of 520 Nm at the rear wheel.

There will be three different riding modes on offer in the Matter Energy electric bike, with the motor paired to a 4-speed manual gearbox – a first for an electric motorcycle. The electric bike will also have features like keyless operation, dual-channel ABS and a 7-inch touchscreen instrument console, which can be operated using buttons on the handlebar-mounted switchgear.

This console is also compatible with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows the riders to use turn-by-turn navigation, notification alerts and music playback. In place of a conventional fuel tank, the Matter Energy electric bike features a 5-litre storage compartment, which also comes with a charging socket.

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