Maybach is back, as a Mercedes Benz W222 S-Class Limousine

Mercedes Benz has resurrected the Maybach brand, but this time as a sub-brand on the lines of the high performance AMG wing. While AMG will service the craving of enthusiasts wanting sleeper cars that can surprise a supercar or two, the Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand will peddle bespoke luxury, aiming for fat cats whose other options include Rolls Royces and Bentleys of this world. Maybach’s comeback vehicle is based on a Mercedes Benz W222 S-Class long wheelbase model, which has been further stretched to get longer than ever before. The longer wheelbase makes the Maybach-Mercedes S-Class more capacious.

Maybach is back, as a Mercedes Benz W222 S-Class Limousine

The Maybach-Mercedes S-Class is 200 mm longer in terms of both length and wheelbase than the long wheelbase variant of the S-Class. Measuring in at 5,453 mm in length and with a wheelbase of 3365 mm, the Maybach-Mercedes S-Class adds executive seats at the rear, making for first class airline-like comfort. The interiors get a dash of additional opulence, in keeping with the higher positioning of the Mercedes-Maycbach brand and the buyer profile in the ultra luxury saloon segment. In terms of design, little has changed. While additional chrome makes the cut across swathes of the car, the devil is in the rear door design detail.

The rear door gets shorter and now melds seamlessly into the C-Pillar, which now hosts the quarter window. This unique design element distinguishes the Maybach-Mercedes S-Class from the regular W222 versions. Under the hood, two turbo petrol engines do duty. The S500 variant gets a 4.7 liter V8 twin turbo mill that makes 455 Bhp and 700 Nm, A 9 speed automatic transmission powers the rear wheels. A more powerful, 6 liter V12 twin turbo petrol motor graces the S600 variant, churning out 530 Bhp-830 Nm. A 7 speed automatic gearbox handles torque transmission to the rear wheels.

Performance of the S600 variant is sportscar beating, with a 0-100 Kph sprint in 5 seconds while the top speed is an electronically limited 250 Kph. A Maybach buyers isn’t just looking to get from point A to B in the quickest possible time, but doing so in absolute luxury is what separates the nobility from the peasantry. On cue, Mercedes Benz has announced that the Mercedes-Maybach W222 S-Class ultra luxury saloon has the quietest rear cabin among all cars sold in the world. This vital detail, ladies and gentlemen, should seal the deal for many.

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