MBA Car Thief Who Stole 100+ Cars And Challenged Cops To Catch Him Finally BUSTED

MBA Car thief hyderbad

After years of searching, finally, the tech-savvy criminal car thief with an MBA degree named Satyendra Singh Shekhawat has been apprehended by police authorities. The man successfully stole over 100 cars over a period that spanned nearly two decades. Shekhawat managed to outsmart the police authorities by operating across multiple states in India. However, after challenging the police to catch him, he was finally caught by a dedicated police team in December of last year.

MBA Car Thief Who Stole 100+ Cars And Challenged Cops To Catch Him Finally BUSTED

MBA car thief’s 20-year career in car stealing

Over the last twenty years, Satyendra Singh Shekhawat, who has a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, created a process to steal cars. The 43-year-old thief would establish friendly relationships with the staff of various service centers. Following this, he would then gain access to crucial information such as chassis and engine numbers of targeted vehicles. Now, after getting this important data, Shekhawat manufactured duplicate keys for these vehicles.

MBA Car Thief Who Stole 100+ Cars And Challenged Cops To Catch Him Finally BUSTED

Additionally, the MBA car thief installed GPS trackers discreetly in the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) ports of the cars he was preying on. Over his car-stealing career, Shekhawat primarily focused on SUVs. To execute his plans, he would rent cabs to reach targeted locations, break car windows to gain access, and then drive off without a trace. He even disposed of all the shattered glass and left nothing behind to make it look like a perfect crime. Shekhawat then transported the stolen vehicles to Rajasthan, where they were handed over to the notorious Lawrance Bishnoi gang.

How did he get caught?

Finally, after years of chase, Satyendra Singh Shekhawat, after challenging the police, was caught last month in December of 2023. It was reported by the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP), East, Qasim Abidi, that Shekhawat confessed to stealing over 100 cars since 2002. He also confessed to supplying them to the popular Lawrance Bishnoi gang. The stolen vehicles were reported across various states, including Maharashtra, Haryana, Telangana, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Gujarat.

Prior to this arrest, Shekhawat had a history of evading the police authorities. He was previously jailed in Telangana and Karnataka before being released just a year ago. The arrest came after a police team tirelessly pursued him since December 2023, overcoming the challenges posed by his sophisticated tactics.

Highlight of his career

MBA Car Thief Who Stole 100+ Cars And Challenged Cops To Catch Him Finally BUSTED

One of the high-profile incidents of car theft involving the mastermind brain of Shekhawat involved the theft of Kannada movie producer V. Manjunatha’s Toyota Fortuner. We reported about this incident back in 2021. He stole this vehicle from Park Hyatt Hotel in Banjara Hills. The car, which had a VIP number (KA04 MX1 1000), was stolen and reported to the Banjara Hills Police. Shekhawat, during his peak, even taunted the police by challenging them on WhatsApp. He stated that he was in Rajasthan and dared them to catch him. The police authorities, in order to gather information, also detained Shekhawat’s father for a week and questioned his wife, suspecting her involvement in the crimes.